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Interesting article i found regarding nvidia hairworks...

HrimnirHrimnir Member RarePosts: 2,413
edited September 2015 in Hardware

"It was learned through our talks that nVidia's current GameWorks contracts do not prohibit licensees (developers) from working with AMD. AMD's TressFX makes no appearance in the Witcher, but that's not because of GameWorks – that's because AMD didn't ask to get involved until “too late” (quote from Huddy / CDPR conversation, reported to Ars)."

Just thought this was interesting.  I know a lot of people here hate nvidia because of proprietary stuff like hairworks, and while i understand their reasoning (though disagree with them), the fact that nvidia doesn't bar the company from implementing competing things like tressfx really speaks to the fact that they're really just trying to create value for their customers, and not trying to strongarm the market.

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