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Eco - Global Survival Game

VandarixVandarix Member UncommonPosts: 177
edited September 2015 in The Pub at MMORPG.COM
All you minecraft fans out there should check out this kickstarter. The game is a world building simulation type game with a working and fully simulated ecosystem where every action has consequences. it's Multiplayer/Single and is really structured on collaboration with others and supports group play. There are possible natural disasters that can occur as a result of ones action and laws that can be created to help prevent such disasters from occurring. Unlike minecraft, animals in ECO don't just spawn but rather reproduce which means it is possible to make them extinct. (bring in the Law System/ Government which can help balance this) There is a working "player" economy and you could potentially create a little sale shop, store, etc. There is a skill system and food system in place as well as a technology to help with possible end of world scenarios :)

For more information on this kickstarter, check out https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1037798999/eco-global-survival-game/description
It has been funded and expected to hit an alpha stage by the end of October. The project has less than 24 hours to go so if it sounds interesting you can help support the team and possibly get in on the action early!


** Just a little side note for modders and mod fans***
From alpha access onwards, there will be full modding support, with a modding API.  Mods will be well-integrated into the final game, with downloads happening automatically, sent from each individual server.

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