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NA | Dominion | Entity | Mistakes Were Made is recruiting!

theDukeytheDukey Member UncommonPosts: 102

Mistakes Were Made is a semi-hardcore, highly active, and very social guild.  We are one of the only guilds on Dominion side to run guild/community events every two weeks, and will continue to do so through f2p!  We are looking for like minded

Guild Requirements –

  • The ability to have fun.
  • Social skills not required, but we get rid of d-bags quickly.
  • Mumble with a push to talk set, no mouth breathers.
  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Represent!  Make sure it’s always in a good way though.

Group 1 Raid Requirements – (Raid Schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 830-1130PM EST)

  • All of the above guild requirements.
  • Strong knowledge of your class, role, and potential off-spec.
  • Willingness to learn from mistakes, and take constructive criticism.
  • The ability to follow simple instruction.
  • Off-specs are not required, but highly recommended.  Most have to use them at some point, make sure you have one geared.

Group 1 Class Needs -

  • Exceptional players are always considered, but we have no specific class needs at this time for Group 1.

Group 2 Raid Requirements - (Raid Schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 830-1130PM EST)

Group 2 Class Needs - 

  • Medic Healer
  • Warrior DPS
  • Medic DPS
  • Spellslinger DPS
  • Stalker DPS

What does the guild offer you?

  • A highly active roster in game.
  • A guild that's social in game, and out.  Seriously..  we talk to each other too much out of game.
  • Site and VoIP.
  • Guild activity!  Some guilds recruit, and do nothing with their members!  We run guild/community events every two weeks to help build our community, while bringing the fun to other Wildstar players not in guild too!
  • To put it simply, a fun place to be.  We know how to have fun inside, and outside of the raid environment, while successfully clearing content!

For those interested in joining the guild, we are accepting new, old, returning, or players just starting.  We love to play the game, we are highly active, and willing to help!  We have players who know all roles of the game, and are just looking for more like minded people to bring into the guild!  

If interested, please whisper or send in game mail to "Duke The", or head to http://www.mistakesw...il/recruitment/ for more information.




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