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Best Crew Skills Purely For Making Money?

FuryVFuryV Member UncommonPosts: 484
I just starting playing SWTOR & really enjoying it so far. I'm a level 33 Marauder and am just wondering which three crew skills I should pick for gaining the best profit.  I keep changing crew skills constantly as I read posts online saying a certain crew skill is amazing, then I see others saying it sucks, so I'm just not sure which to go with.

Not really interested in crafting anything at all.  Just looking for maximum profitability really.



  • MalaboogaMalabooga Member UncommonPosts: 2,977
    edited September 2015
    Slicing. Just because you can pick slicing nodes along the way. And sell certain crafting missions quite decently.

    No other skill is worth bothering for profitability sake, take gathering skills and just sell mats.
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