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Aeon Knights - TOFN -Empire Mature, PVE oriented guild is recrtuing

IraAilemeIraAileme Member UncommonPosts: 5
edited September 2015 in Guild Recruitment
Name: Aeon Knights
Faction: Empire
Region: Europe
Server: Tomb of Freedon Nadd (PvP)
Language: English
Focus: PvE Endgame, Social 
Voice Chat: Teamspeak 3
Years old: 8
Website: http://Aeon-Knights.com
Average Age: 30
Guildship: Yes

Currently looking for more:
Social players (All classes welcome)
Operation requirements:
Tank: Open 1 spot
DPS; Open 2 spots, Pref 1 x Range
Heal: Closed
Currently looking for all roles who are interested in more advanced lvl 60 content Ravagers HM, ToS HM
Social players are always welcome to join aswell.

Hard Mode:
Temple of Sacrifice: 2/5
The Ravagers: 2/5
Dread Palace: 5/5
Dread Fortress: 5/5
Terror From Beyond: 5/5
Scum & Villainy: 7/7
Eternity Vault: 5/5
Karagga's Palace: 5/5
Explosive Conflict: 4/4

Nightmare Mode:
Eternity Vault: 5/5
Karagga's Palace: 5/5
Explosive Conflict: 4/4
Dread Fortress: 4/5

Operation Times:
Monday: Operation 20u00 - 23u00 CET
Tuesday: /
Wednesday: Operation 20u00 - 23u00 CET
Thursday: /
Friday: /
Saturday: /
Sunday: /

In depth information:

Aeon Knights is an European online gaming community. Our history started in the beta stages of Lord of the Rings Online, but since then we have expanded into multiple games, including GW2 and tera. Currently we have a SW:TOR and WoW division.

We also play other non-MMO games together, such as Battlefield, Civ, Diablo, Planetside 2, Heartstone etc. 

We are a moderate raiding guild, and have several weekly operation runs. Warzones, flashpoints, heroics and world bosses are also things we are going to keep actively on our schedule every week. In our calendar we will have everything listed so you can plan ahead what you want to sign up for. We are a medium sized guild of people with plenty who have been playing since launch. Our members are from all over Europe with all four corners of the continent strongly represented from the UK to Russia and from Sweden to Greece and most countries inbetween! We team up for GSF battles, Operations and have even had several real life meet-ups.

We are looking for loyal members who prefer a group achievement above their personal achievement. We are happy to accept people that want raid in our progression group. If you are dedicated and enthusiastic we can help you achieve this as long as you realize the longer term commitment it takes. We also accept and encourage social members which just want to be social or run storymode operations here and there. These will also be joined by other member's alts.

Our Teamspeak server is aways full and you can find someone to talk to there at anytime of the day and night!

If you are interested, please make an application on our forum aeon-knights.com or for more information talk to a officer in game ( Aesur, Sciron, Figgs, Wymbolt)
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