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SilentSoundsSilentSounds Member Posts: 7

my younger sis signed up for this game and after seeing some of its features i may start as well...
any tips on how to get started?

P.S. Joel- I sympathize with you about the WoW community- they're rude, obnoxious, and annoying



  • lotharrlotharr Member Posts: 981

    I have played this game about 4 months, but I stopped (cant play 3 games same time).

    But you should start with spending your money to cool clothes, start with buy something from Pixel Dolls Clothiers. Get all freebie things from the Telehubs.

    Then you can start working in a place, at start you should go to do some Escort jobs, dont be shy to be one, theres lots of escorts in SL. ::::07::

    After you have about 5,000-10,000 Linden Dollars (L$) get your own skin from !Second Skins! and if you like you can start desgining clothes, furniture, buildings, scripts etc. Ofcourse you can do escorting, malls or clubs, if you like clubbing and shopping in SL.

    Remember to meet much of people and you can even find a partenr out there (yes you can go marred inside this game offically).

    Good luck with your Second Life!

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