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Wild Terra



  • RighteousRighteous Member UncommonPosts: 99
    The game is moving along nicely. Definitely worth a try. New update is coming up. A real nice little gem here. A must have for Haven & Hearth and Wurm fans.
  • rawwraww Member UncommonPosts: 27
    edited March 2016
    The $90 early access support option only gives 30 days of premium.  I can't imagine the cash grab that's planned for this game.  Instant pass for me.


  • RighteousRighteous Member UncommonPosts: 99
    raww said:
    The $90 early access support option only gives 30 days of premium.  I can't imagine the cash grab that's planned for this game.  Instant pass for me.
    The game is currently only $13.49 to access at the lowest level. It is all you need. Blah blah $90 level perks blah. There are three options. Currently there is also a test build you can try for FREE!
  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106

    Update on the test - Catching and riding on mounts. Discounts will soon be over!

    Testing is still going on, and in this update we have added the possibility to catch and ride on animals.

    Download the test client ...

    Changes and fixes

    To the list of traps added larians for catching animals.
    To catch a horse and a deer enough to use a larian, and aggressive animals need to be owned before catching.
    After catching the animal's, owner can ride or release the animal into the wild.
    Settings for larians preliminary, necessarily tell us about your experience with their use.
    Added female iron and steel armor.
    Increased the amount of saturation at the start of the game and after the revival.
    Now, for the manufacture of noble cloak is required red fabric, not hides.
    On player in the safe zone will no longer appear the cursor of attack.
    Fixed a bug due to which the equipment on the player has not been updated, due to which the other players can see old outfit on him.

    To gain access to the game on the main server, you need to purchase a bundle of early access. Now is the time to do it!Discounts up to 55% until Monday. Hurry up!

  • RighteousRighteous Member UncommonPosts: 99
    Come on over and give it a try. Survival, farming, hunting, crafting, exploration, PvE, PvP, Contested zones now. Opening a new server. Lots of new updates. Still on sale come support the game! 
  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106
    edited April 2016

    Opened the new server "Novus". Update 8.1

    We are glad to inform you that realesed the new primary server "Novus", on the latest version of the game -

    Download and install the new client right now, having started play at the same time with others. Find your place in the Wild Terra world, develop, and become one of the first!

    In order to join the other players, you need to buy one of the Early Access bundles on our website.

    New in 0.8.1

    Implemented a distributed system of the global world, the map can now be expanded endlessly.
    Realized safety zones where you can be quiet for your life and buildings.
    Introduced disputed lands, where structures not require dominium. Here you can create castles without any restrictions.
    Now you can choose the character's gender.
    Now you can tame and ride on all large animals.
    We implemented a new system of hunger and restore stamina and the food is now divided into several types.
    Animals and the players are now using a 3-dimensional models and their animation became smooth. Support WebGL became a must.


    The game has become much less demanding on the computer's memory.
    Removed separate slots in the fires, stoves and other manufacture machines.
    Changed the behavior pattern of animals hunting them will be harder and more interesting.
    Players and animals now can bypass obstacles.
    All resources are now mined a little faster.
    Premium bonus is now 2 times increases the amount of collected resources, the chance to obtain rare resources, speed of construction and craft.
    Objects thrown to the ground, as well as the corpses are now disappearing even dominium zone.
    Grouse no longer run away from the big poultry.


  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106
    edited April 2016

    Update 8.2. Fixing disappearing items and duplication


    And here is the long-awaited update for fixing the disappearances and duplication items!
    Download the new version...

    Improvements and fixes 0.8.2

    Updated translations in various languages. If you notice any inaccuracies, please contact us.
    Updated the library operation with the socket.
    Added support for proxy and tunnels.
    Fixed problem with support WebGL on some systems and video cards.
    Fixed problems with slow response server, were observed a few days immediately after the launch.
    Fixed a bug in which items could be deleted when switching to the shortcut bar.
    Fixed a bug in which items could be deleted when transferring between containers and equipment.
    Fixed friezes graphics, happening near of stray animals.
    Slightly increased the chances of appearance iron deposits, boulders, and godsends out the clan lands.
    All structures in the clan lands now every hour take damage.
    Removed revival in a random field next to the bed, because with its help you can get over the wall in the clan lands.
    You can no longer rise in the save point, if your bed is destroyed.
    Was increased the number of slots and reduced fuel costs at the brick kiln.
    Increased number of slots in the mill.

  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106
    edited April 2016

    Coming soon in the Wild Terra: Cloaks and Mount Breeds

    We are working on the realization and addition of different mount breeds, as well as the animation cloaks for the main characters. Currently, these tasks are one of the highest priorities for our team. Soon described innovations will be added to the Wild Terra, and players will have a wider space for express themselves!

    Besides cloaks, which are already familiar to you: noble, linen, and bearskin, - will also appear cloth cloaks different colors - gray, yellow, purple and others. Perhaps, there will be and other materials cloaks. And as for the animals, first breeds will acquire horses. Breeds for other animals will be added later.

  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106
    Update 8.3. Cloaks and Mounts Breeds

    In this update we have diversified breeds of animals, added animation for cloaks, as well as make new ones.
    Much has been done to improve server stability and eliminate lags.
    In the shop, you can now choose the mount of any kind and color. Purchased pet may at any time be called to the owner, and it is impossible to lost. For all "Duke" bundles was added the Bay Horse.

  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106
    Video Review of Update 8.3
  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106

    Update 8.4. New territories, durability of items and in-game store


    In this update we have added new territories, durability of items and in-game store. More details about all changes, see below.

    In order to join the other players, you need to buy one of the Early Access bundles on our website.

    Download the new version...

    Improvements and fixes 0.8.4

    New Territories available for research and settlement!
    For weapons and tools were added durability, which will decrease during the resource mining, used in craft and construction, shots and melee hits.
    After reaching zero - item will be destroyed. (Currently is not possible to repair, but perhaps it will be added later. Now we are just test it and wait for your feedback)
    Items in the inventory and craft window, now have information about their durability, damage, speed and extra damage (for arrows).
    In the construction menu, buildings now have information about their durability, absorbing damage and amount of container cells.
    Icons of buildings with information about buildings and items is now visible even if you do not know their scroll or drawing.
    Now you can use the Game Shop directly from the game. (By the way, currently active large discount on Boar mount!)
    Added the ability to go back to the list of servers.
    Added animation of connection to the server when the client starts.
    Added animation for snares.
    Fixed model of Raw Hides female jacket.
    Fixed position of the sling and buckets in the hands.
    Fixed the problem of disappearance of objects during rearrangements, duplication of messages in the chat, teleporting character while moving.
    Fixed a bug due to which periodically occurred the possibility of multiple extraction of one resource.
    Increased time of inactivity before disconnecting from the server.

  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106

    One step before the Steam. Vote for us on Greenlight! New gameplay trailer

    We are planning to release Wild Terra on the Steam, using all of its convenience and functionality. But to do it - we need to win user's voting on Steam Greenlight, which will show how much the players are interested in the release of Wild Terra on Steam.

    There, you'll see a new gameplay trailer, which we made especially for this!

    Leave your comments and advices to other players on the page in Greenlight, help them decide on the vote, describing why they should vote for Wild Terra.

    Many thanks to everyone who helped to develop the project. We hope for your support!
  • netglennetglen Member UncommonPosts: 116
    I like how it looks. Does it have WASD movement? thats all i care about.
    Point n click movement.
    Pass. It doesn't even support basic keyboard movement.
  • MensurMensur Member RarePosts: 870
    edited May 2016
    I Will give the test client a go now. 

    edit: test server is down :( 
    Does anyone have any keys? 

    Proud member since 2009! 

  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106
    "Wild Terra" already ranked 17th on the Greenlight! Help us to get into the top-10 - vote for us!
    Thank you all for your support and votes!

  • nerovergilnerovergil Member UncommonPosts: 680
    make it free to play or free triall ill play
  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106

    5,000 "YES" votes and top-6 on the Steam Greenlight!

    With your support Wild Terra promptly goes up! Thanks to everyone who voted and leave comments on our page. Vote for release Wild Terra on the Steam!


  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106
    edited June 2016
    Wild Terra has been Greenlit!

    WT reached top-5 and collected almost 6k votes! Thank you all!

  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106

    Update 8.7. Search in recipes, Ferrets in the forest, fixed annoying bugs


    In this update we have fixed a large number of annoying bugs: unswitched the demolition mode, repeated gathering of resources and others. Added search through the list of recipes for crafts and building. Ferrets are now live in the woods. The full list of updates, see below.

    In order to join the other players, you need to buy one of the Early Access bundles on our website.

    Download the new version...

    Improvements and fixes 0.8.7
    Now you can search by recipe name in the craft and construction lists.
    Ferrets are now live in the woods.
    Implemented the possibility to set icons of recipes on the belt.
    Changed operation items that are installed on the belt. Now, if the item is lost - it is no longer leads to complete disappearance of the icons on the belt and do not need to be reset. But the current icons will have to replace with new ones.
    Remade system corpses names for animals in order to facilitate localization.
    Fixed appearance of the menu of the world objects only from the second pressing.
    Fixed errors when titles not displayed correctly.
    Fixed a bug due to which drop-down items that do not have enough space in your inventory does not disappear from the ground. Objects with this error will disappear in time.
    Fixed a bug due to which after use arcane - attacks do not work on animals.
    Fixed a bug due to which it was possible to gather resources many times or with several players at once.
    Fixed a bug due to which after the revival could remain bleeding.
    Fixed a bug due to which the demolition of buildings and the repair mode is not switched off.
    Updated the internal interface library.
    Updated library for displaying characters and animals.

  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106
    Summer Sale of Wild Terra. Refreshing deals up to 70%

    Summer discounts on all early access bundles up to 70%. Limited time only.

    Not sure whether to buy Wild Terra? See our updated gameplay trailer:

    Purchasing an early access bundle will allow you to start playing right away, support our project and receive a reward after the game's release.The access remains FOREVER. Also you get an opportunity to get into the closed testing on Steam before other players, and the other bonuses, which depend on your bundle.

    Get access to the closed Steam-version, while it is still in the development stage!

  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106
    Update 8.8. Added skill system and mechanic of improvement crafts

    In this update was added the skill system. Their improvement, impact on the success rate, speed, cost, damage to the instrument and more. Already added skills: skinning, lumbering, survival, leatherworking and carpentry. All equipment received by using skills, now has a quality that affects it's characteristics. Becoming a master of his craft, you can create the best equipment!
    The full list of changes and details about the skills available here
  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106
    edited August 2016

    Update 8.9. Changes in the skill system, dilapidation of dominiums

    We have reviewed your opinion about the new skill system, and we have made a number of significant changes.
    Also, in the update 8.9 we returned to the destruction of dominiums in order to clear a bit peaceful area. More details here.

  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106

    Update 8.10. The second server is open! Mining skill and new materials

    The game has been updated to the version 0.8.10. Now is available server with Russian-speaking players. In the Wild Terra has appeared Mining skill, new ore and metals, as well as materials for the carpentry. See below for details.

    Purchase access to the game at the special price

    Download the new version...

    Improvements and fixes 0.8.10
    Now you can play on the server "Altior" with a Russian-speaking players. The characters on these servers will be separate. Account and all purchases are common to both servers.
    Added Mining skill, which is used to mining ore and smelting.
    In the world appeared deposits of copper ore, cassiterite (tin ore) and coal.
    Added copper, which can obtain either hot or and cold method with varying efficiency.
    Added crucible in which you can smelt bronze by mixing copper and tin in the right proportions. Fired with wood or coal, also it allows you to produce steel.
    In the crucible shop now can melt bronze in industrial volumes.
    Added new materials for carpentry, fixed recipes.
    As fuel you can now use not only wood but also sticks, twigs, logs and coal.
    Crucible shop and Large bloomery require coal as a fuel.
    Now for smelting steel is required mix iron with charcoal.
    Added a small drying frame, on which can be dried only small skins.
    Gain experience in a skill shortage has been modified.
    Now, the chance of success is applicable only if the difference in the 20 levels, and the experience of failure is reduced.
    Bonus tool now also affects the amount of materials obtained in mining.
    Fixed a bug where the information about the required skill displayed by the previous recipe.
    In the test Steam-client, you can now change the language.

  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106

    Online version of the game became available. Now you can play directly in your browser!


    We began testing the online version of the game client! Now anyone with access to the game, can play directly from a browser!
    Click on this link and play:

    If you do not have access, you can purchase it at a special price right now here

    At the moment, not everything works perfectly in a browser, we will test and improve the speed and stability of this version. Report any errors as detailed as possible to

  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106
    edited August 2016

    Coming soon in the Wild Terra: Blacksmithing. Quality system of equipment. Repair

    Soon, into the game will be added the new skill. blacksmithing, which serves for the manufacture of items made of metal. Now for all equipment, weapons and metal tools, will act the same quality system, which is used also in other skills.
    In patch will be added a variety of items made of copper and bronze. Iron and steel items will be much more valuable.
    Another important innovation - repair. Almost all items with decreasing strength can now be repaired. For repairing are using the same requirements as for creating an item, but does not need to know the recipe. The number of materials, stamina costs, tools strength and resulting experience depends on the degree of deterioration of the repaired item.

    These and other changes you will see in the next update.
    Here you can gain access to the Wild Terra at a special price.

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