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Wild Terra



  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106

    New Server - New Features

    It’s not a secret that currently we’re focusing on the server development for Wild Terra, which will add new interesting features to the gameplay for players and new opportunities for us as developers. So, what’s coming up?

    Unique world
    First, the biggest change is a breakaway from our standard map. Each server will have it’s unique landscapes and points of interest generated randomly. It will allow everyone to find a corner for oneself and arrange it as he/she wants. Rivers, roads, and mines will appear in the game. Mines will be rich with rare resources, and their addition will lead to fights for control over them.

    Thereby the world will cease to be static — resource generation rate and size of the map will depend on a number of players on the server. It will allow to solve problems connected with the resource lack after big advertising campaigns. Eventually Wild Terra will be able to enter Steam and increase it’s player base. After all, we’re making an MMO!

    Map size increase and lag problem solution
    Optimization defects were caused by the wrong architecture of the actual servers, inability to scale the size of the playable world and increase the servers’ capacity. Using the new approach, we’ll manage to improve optimization. In addition, event calculation algorithm has been changed — only active regions, where something happens at the present time, are processed.

    Compare the maximum size of the actual game world and the future one with 1000 players on it. This number of players has been taken just as an example and it’s not the limit.
    0_1452863673621_wt_map - png

    Safe zones and constant war regions
    Special type of territories will appear in the game, where no one can attack others and destroy buildings. It’ll be helpful to players who has no time to “live” in the game 24/7 defending their property.

    In contrast to the peaceful territories, there will be regions for PvP-oriented players with a constant war going for valuable resources and control over the habitats of rare animals.

    Project development with the new server
    From the perspective of the developer, the server change solves several issues connected with:

    • player quantity increase within one server;
    • as a result, reduction of the number of servers and our expenses on the hardware;
    • attraction of players of similar types to same places in the game world: safe zones for casual players and constant war regions for hardcore and PvP-oriented ones.

    At last, the new server will bring us closer to adding long-promised new features:

    • personal and public caves — dungeons;
    • mines and fights for resources;
    • clans, clans’ castles, and clan territories;
    • mounts and much more features, which are still too early to announce...

    Tests of the new server will begin in January-February 2016.


  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106
    Video Review of the Updates 0.7.22-

    Now each update will be accompanied by a video review of innovations! We suggest a look that was added to the Wild Terra in this year: 

  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106

    From sprites to 3D. Character customisation and mounts

    Why initially we chose sprites
    In our previous project we used similar technologies of character animation. Considering that we had experience in it and ready for use sprite examples, provided by the cross-platform engine, we decided to use the same method of animation, because it is more convenient and comprehensible approach.

    Project development and encountered difficulties
    The development kept going: new animals and character actions were being added to the game. At that point we started to realise that difficulties increase exponentially because of the sprite animation.

    At the present time, all animations of the player’s character (of a mediocre quality and without full equipment), even being compressed, weighs about 30Mb. And this number is even more when you actually play the game. This led to problems with the game’s optimization and called into question our decision about sprites as the most suitable method.

    3D instead of sprites
    Currently a 3D-model of a character with smooth animations and all textures weighs only 800kb. In comparison with sprites, models use a lot less memory for animations ( just numerical information about characters’ bones movement is needed). Such approach allows to make smooth character’s movements and create diverse animations without extra resource expenses.


    However, here we have faced some problems too. For instance, to create shadows using our engine wasn’t so easy, but after some time working on shaders we have solved the problem. Also, we puzzled our brains over export of models and animations to our engine. Overcoming the difficulties fully met the expectations — stable FPS and smooth animations became our reward for the work.

    Perspectives for Wild Terra and players

    • After the end of the transition to 3D, that, by the way, will require some time and will be done step-by-step, new possibilities will appear:

    • Gender selection;
      The screenshot is a draft of what you’ll see in the game, it was made especially for the dev. blog. The final version of the gender selection window will be different.

    • Character customisation: hair and skin color, haircuts and so on;

    • Size of animals, animal maturation (wolf pups and adult wolves, for instance);

    • Possibility to mount any large animal;

    • Additional number of animations and their smoothness;

    • New equipment will be implemented much faster;
      Armor equipment was made through placing an armor layer over the body part layer (there are 10 of them right now!), but now we’ll just change the body part on the same one with the needed armor equipped or add armor’s/objects’ model additionally.

    First step to the 3D transition is done. When we start our tests of the new server (inner testing has already begun, the public one will be opened in February) you’ll be able to see all new models in action and a character selection too!

  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106

    Open test 0.7.23

    Test server for testing version 0.7.23 is open. Help us to look for bugs and report them in detail. Testing will last for several days.
    Test client works separately from the main and does not interfere with play.

    Download the test client...

    New in 0.7.23

    Now you can build a gallows, executioner's block, pillory and scaffold.
    Now you can build a stone towers and barbican.
    Updated graphics of stone walls. For stone blocks was added versions with roofs.
    Added animation for the wolf head hat.


    Fixed overlay graphics of some buildings to objects in front of them.
    Now the inventory window is displayed simultaneously with the opening of any container.

  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106
    Open tests will last 2 more days! We invite everyone! :)
  • MykorlMykorl Member CommonPosts: 1
    edited January 2016
  • netglennetglen Member UncommonPosts: 116
    I like how it looks. Does it have WASD movement? thats all i care about.
    Point n click movement.

    Fail before the game even left the starting line. 
  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106

    Update 0.7.23 and a video review


    Game client and server has been updated to version 0.7.23. To continue playing you need to download an updated version.
    If you do not have access to the game, you can purchase it on our website.

    Download the client update

    Video Review (facebook video)

    New in 0.7.23

    Now you can build a gallows, executioner's block, pillory and scaffold.
    Now you can build a stone towers and barbican.
    Updated graphics of stone walls. For stone blocks was added versions with roofs.
    Added animation for the wolf head hat.
    Christmas snowflakes and mistletoe sprigs is no longer dropped, Christmas buildings are no longer available, although you sculpt snowmen, until the snow melts.
    You can still make clothes and items that require snowflakes, hurry up!


    Fixed overlay graphics of some buildings to objects in front of them.
    Now the inventory window is displayed simultaneously with the opening of any container.
    Fixed the layouts of stone walls, blocks and roofs.

  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106
    New Official Trailer 

  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106

    Valentine's Day in Wild Terra!

    We congratulate all on this wonderful holiday!

    We have prepared for you a few offers:



    Offers are valid only until February 15, hurry up!

  • TheocritusTheocritus Member EpicPosts: 7,235
    Good luck with your game...Does not look like a fit for me...Not a fan of top down, point and click or PVP.....While UO had some cool features it also had alot of destructive features that made the game no fun.
  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106

    Interface evolution in Wild Terra

    Interface’s purpose

    Graphical user interface (GUI) is a type of interface that allows players to interact with a game. It should be handy and practical, but, at the same time, stylish and good-looking. How usable an interface is determines friendliness of the game to new players and mass audience. And when it looks nice it becomes hard to cease playing.

    Beginning stage of development. First interface

    After all basic functions of the game were fully prepared, we started to think about the design and style creation for the interface. For this task we hired a freelancer, who had examples of his work suitable for Wild Terra. A budget of the project wasn’t big and we made a deal for a moderate cost, but with a 50% prepayment. Soon enough we got first versions of the interface and determined the visual style, but after this the freelance suddenly disappeared. The rest of the work was finished by Mikhail — our art-director.


    At that stage of development our budget wasn’t enough to order a set of icons, so we decided to use renders of 3D-models as item icons. As action icon we used our own sketches.

    Necessity of the current interface update

    The project continued to evolve, but the interface remained unchanged. We didn’t like the old icons, and they even started to irritate our eyes. We added new features and widened in-game functions, and along with this, the current interface had to be constantly updated. It wasn’t very handy as well. This continued for about a year, before we decided to change the interface — reconsider visual, technical and practical parts of the interface to create a perfect version. We also kept in mind that in the future we’ll need to add: new windows and new functions to the existing ones.

    Work on the new interface and icons

    A talented artist Linara joined our team, her main purpose was to rework icons and design new interface — elaborate a unique GUI for Wild Terra. The item images were renewed step by step: each update a new portion of redrawn icons appeared in the game.


    When all 3D-model renders were replaced with pictures, we started to redesign interface. We tried several versions with different element placement and scale before choosing the one that suited us most of all. After that, Linara got down to work on windows, buttons, and other elements of UI design.


    Here are some examples of how the windows changed:

    0_1455617259744_UI scrins_history - jpg
    0_1455617272824_UI scrins2 - jpg

    Oncoming development of the game and interface

    Completely reworked interface in Wild Terra well speed up and simplify adding new features and improving the existing ones:

    • active abilities;
    • system of character skill perfection;
    • craft and construction chains refreshing and adding new schemes/recipes;

    Development and implementation of these features will take time, but, right now, we hope you’ll like new interface and possibilities of the game!


  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106
    edited February 2016
    A basic set of 3d-models and animations is ready

    A basic set of 3d-models and animations for new server is ready. Still not everything is perfect, but it is already possible to connect and use, while our team will improve and fix the models and animations.

    We are working on the generation of the Game World and the increase its size
    The new map will be generated and consists of such fragments:

    Very soon there will be a video review of the first update on the new server, as well as some details about the testing!
  • PolstreyPolstrey Member CommonPosts: 1
    so basically this is living in medieval times?
  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106
    Polstrey said:
    so basically this is living in medieval times?
  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106

    Mounts and tamed animals. Details of this innovation


    On a Closed Tests well underway mounts testing, however, up to this moment we have not talked about how will work this innovation. Now not all implemented as described below, and some of this is just the ideas that will be revised before the final introduction of the mechanic.


    A special item will be added to the game, which allows you to tame wild animals. After the taming will be open a possibilities of feeding, riding (for large animals) and other options. Each player will be able to tame the more than one animal. To care for animals will be added a special construction, such as a stall, as well as items. If you stop to feed and care for tamed animals, then after a while it will become wild again.


    Like the any other animal, they can also die. For premium or paid mounts, will probably be provided for the possibility of resurrection. It should be noted that the tamed animals will not be able to hide in the your inventory: you either are on top of him, or they are free to walk around the map.


    In the future, we may add a mount equipment, as well as other options for their use (eg, storage of items).

    Animal riding is already implemented at the Closed Test server, and the remaining features of this taming mechanics the would be made later.


  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106
    Hello everyone, 
    Wild Terra Online makes a small giveaway of keys on your forum!

    Redemption instructions:
    2. Download the Game Client here
    3. Install and launch the game.
    4. Register your account and enter the key.


  • AmarantharAmaranthar Member RarePosts: 3,705
    guniball said:

    Will there be commands for pets?
    Like "follow me", "guard me/this/that/the other thing", "attack", "Stay"?

    Once upon a time....

  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106
    guniball said:

    Will there be commands for pets?
    Like "follow me", "guard me/this/that/the other thing", "attack", "Stay"?
    is difficult to say, the mechanics are not fully implemented. We will think about it :)
  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106

    Spring discounts up to 65% on the all access bundles and Gold for March 8th!


    Congratulations to all beautiful ladies on this wonderful spring holiday - International Women's Day March 8th!

    Make a gift for your heroine by purchasing a package of Gold at a bargain discount in-game store


    Special holiday discounts up to 65% on the all bundles of early access, hurry up to make a purchase at the best price!


  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106

    Closed Test of the new server. Wild Terra update 0.8 - video review


    What happens on the Closed Testing? What has been done on the new server, and what remains to be done, before we can open a server for all of our players?

    See it all in the video review update 0.8 from the Closed Testing!

  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106

    St. Patrick's Day in Wild Terra! A pot of gold and discounts up to 70%

    We wish all a happy upcoming holiday - St. Patrick's Day!

    We caught several leprechauns, so, to the in-game store has been added a pot of gold at a special discounted price!Number of pots in the store is limited!
    Gold, as well as all purchases for the Gold, also will be saved during the transition to a new server!

    As well as all the early access bundles at a discounted rates up to 70%!

  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106
    In the new patch optimization will be greatly improved. Comparison (.gif):
  • ZenounetZenounet Member UncommonPosts: 16
    That's a pretty interesting concept, out of curiosity, what happens when you spawn ?
  • guniballguniball Member UncommonPosts: 106

    New world of Wild Terra. Open test

    0_1459023213152_infog_eng - jpg
    Open the test server for testing the New World and the new Wild Terra client! We were working on this update within a few months. Currently, it is the largest patch, and the game is greatly changed. Infographic tell you about the major innovations

    Anyone can take part in the testing and help us to find errors and flaws, order to this update came rather to the main servers. Tell us about all bugs, attach logs as possible.

    If you enjoy the game, you can support us by purchasing the early access. During tests - an additional discount to the bundles!

    Download the new test client ...
    The test client is installed separately from the main and does not interfere with play. Tests will last for a few days

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