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Angry Joe Show Army (AJSA) for XBox One

PsykogrlPsykogrl Member UncommonPosts: 2


Are you tired of playing by yourself? Want to be part of a group of players who enjoy the game universe and play together in PvP? The AJSA is recruiting for our Elder Scrolls Online Guild on Xbox One. We're seeking new members to join our Guild, participate in our PvP weekly events and campaigns. We're a fairly laid-back group of people who want to enjoy ourselves first and foremost. 


The Angry Army Guild on Xbox One offers;

- Weekly events where we gather together to take on a PvP campaign, play and enjoy the game.

- Full Guild support with a dedicated Guildmaster and staff that help run the day to day operations of the Guild.

- Knowledgeable leadership and gamers who are ready to help assist newer players on Elder Scrolls Online.

- A committed and fully functional sub-forum on the AJSA Forum that the Guild uses to communicate and talk outside of the game.

- We have a simple and effective Code of Conduct. We aim to encourage team work while maintaining a cordial and non-harassment atmosphere.


As an Ebonheart Guild, only players who have their faction as Ebonheart and are over level 10 can play during official AJSA PvP events on Xbox One. Anyone who is interested in joining but isn't a level 10, Guild leadership will assist you in leveling up to play during the events by either playing with you themselves or pairing you with a member to level up in PvE.


Interested in learning more? Register online at the AJSA forums and take a look around and see if we are the right group for you! 

Head over to the introduce yourself thread:



When you've registered and said hello, check out our ESO sub-forum for information and how to join;

Check out our sub-forum;

Request a Guild invite; http://angryjoeshow....e-thread/page-1


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