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edited August 2015 in Otherland
I don't see a forum for this game. Why?
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  • Mad+DogMad+Dog Member UncommonPosts: 777
    Give forum plox!

  • NanfoodleNanfoodle Member EpicPosts: 7,740
    Many smaller games have had their forums deleted. The staff said you want to talk about a game, make a thread.

  • BuccaneerBuccaneer Member UncommonPosts: 654
    The funny thing is some old closed down games still have a forum.  They is a discussion about it in this thread

    Hope that helps :)

  • DEATHRAMENTDEATHRAMENT Member UncommonPosts: 700
    I didn't realize is was a smaller game. Sounds like it might be fairly good.
  • EvilGeekEvilGeek Member UncommonPosts: 1,256
    Seems like forever since this game was mentioned, now it's coming to steam as early access: 

  • DEATHRAMENTDEATHRAMENT Member UncommonPosts: 700
    No one seems to be talking about it. I'm gonna give it a go on the 26th!
  • AmanaAmana Moderator UncommonPosts: 3,912
    To streamline, a selection of older or less active forums were removed in the transition to the new software. I've edited your initial post to add a tag for Otherland. Keeping posts for the same game tagged is one way to keep track and discuss them.

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