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Descendants of Mehrunes

AcydableAcydable Member CommonPosts: 1

 Welcoming everyone from every Alliance, Race, Class, and Level. We are a guild that is trying to put our name out there. Started day one of ESO on console. We're doing all we can to get a Guild Trader, but sadly since those that have joined did nothing to help aid us in our goals. We do have fees as a TEMPORARY thing until we get those that are willing to stay and build this place up. Membership is currently 2,000g ONE TIME fee with a 1,000g a week payment for members. Officers are 3,500g ONE TIME fee, following a 2,000g a week fee. Again, they are TEMPORARY. I do not like having to charge, at all, but we're grasping for straws now. If you do not wish to pay, then we ask you to be active, help out with guild members, and donate what you can spare, even the smallest amount helps. If you are interested, post here or message me or my co-leader.

GM: Tension Therapy

CO-GM: Poetic Therapy

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