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Shadowbane is a great game



  • nothing2geinnothing2gein Member Posts: 176

    I've seen alot of people that play WoW come here to bash this game. Here is my response

    1. WoW has the one of the worst (if not the worst) PvP system.

    2. A ten year old could play WoW and be one of the top players.

    3. Looks like a damn cartoon.

    4. You keep saying there is a HUGE population..yet when I played I rarely saw anyone.

    5. Half the people on WoW are dumbass pre-teens that spam the chat box all the time

    6. Then you have the people that are "hardcore" players who when someone asked a question they call them a noob for asking it.

    7. Broken skills

    8. The end game is horrible. It's like MU Online.

    and there is my statement.

  • AramathAramath Member Posts: 161

    Originally posted by EduardoASG

    Shadowbane is not a great game.. far from it. The number of bugs and exploits it had and still has auto remove it from the great games list wich isnt very long either.
    Plus shadowbane get really laggy, and has outdated graphics.

    Um, last I checked, with graphics turned all the way up, this game still has the best graphics in the MMO industry.  The game was released over 2 years ago and there is still not a computer system in the market that can handle the full on graphics of the game without getting chunky.  That said, I hated this game.  I only played because my brother asked me to.  At first it was ok, till the hacks and dupes started.  Our towns on Scorn server had 6 banes put on them, consecutively.  We had 4 major towns so you do the numbers and this was less than 6 months from P2P release.


    Hack number 1, the helmet hack.  Basically, the helmet is hacked and some data is added so that anyone without the hacked file recieves an sb.exe error as soon as the person with the hacked helmet is loaded on their system.  When it's all over, your tree is down and no one on your team could do a damn thing about it because they constantly were booted while the invaders were in town.


    Hack number 2, the server hack.  Your guild leader's toon cannot be logged in for 3 to 5 days, if Ubi doesn't delete it outright for the account being hacked.  In the mean time, another toon from an enemy guild somehow gains access to your tree.  He promptly removes all tree protections and any funds/items from your merchants.  The enemy guild then comes into town, usually at 3 am when no one is on, and beat everything down.  15+ million per town income lost.  Ubi's response?  Your guild leader should not have given out his password.


    Gold/item duping.  Three bankers in one bank so that two of them end up close enough together so that you can access both at the same time.  Take the gold and/or items from one bank window, dump them into the other bank window and tada, double cash and items.

  • millbromillbro Member Posts: 71

    I tried the trial i just cant get over the controls and UI, IT sux!! I played almost every other mmo, but this one had a point on the ground to move style of control? wtf that takes almost every last bit of pvp skill i would think, you cant manuver with that style.. DF has got the good idea there based 50% on skill 50% on items, but i played for a hour on SB and i couldnt figure out how to do any special move.. if there is any.  Not sure if there is a way to setup the movement with W,D,A,S style of control but that would make it a hellava better game for me.. i havent gotten used to it so it could be better than i think, but since i cant stand the UI or controls i wont prob play it, It could be the best mmo but if you cant use the ui there really isnt a point.


  • boeskyleboeskyle Member Posts: 114

    Shadowbane is just a PvP game, and I mean Player vs. Player.  It lacks the game mechanics and player incentives to make it character vs. character (CvC).  Loreplay <> roleplay.  PvP = radar, universal chat, insignificant death penalty, whack and loot (no talking).

    Cities can be built.  Only need the coin to buy the charters or seeds or whatever.

    Cities can be destroyed.  Buy the siege items.  I saw three trebuchets near an intact fort (oddly they were not destroyed).  However didn't see them near any orc structures.  Will the orcs, if their structures (esp. spawn points) remain intact, expand and attack their neighbors (or demons or giants or . . . .)?

    Buy, buy.  No player inconvenience of a crafting system.

    Sure, can mouse over areas for their PvE levels to train at.  Better have a good group as the high level characters certainly are watching those areas (especially hotzones).  Such as the dual box botting group (priest and scout, 7r) that chased and killed my character (and others).  No talking, just a methodical attack, performed many times.

    SB's territory control revolves around mines (gold/hr) and monster areas (PvE and PvP gold).  It seems shallow to me, but the simplicity is appealing (secondary role to PvP gold) to the targeted niche.

    As for the UI, just download the Veteran style and Ctrl drag the windows around.  And be sure to tweak the graphics settings as the one with the highest FPS wins (performance over quality).

  • The-ReaperThe-Reaper Member Posts: 5

    Shadowbane is a great game, which is having low-pop issues at the moment. Which is being fixed via the newest server arriving. There is A LOT less lag floating around, bugs and exploits are to a minimum and things are progressing smoothly. Every month on the dot they have been implementing patches, which add new, and interesting features every time, the new lore-server richens the already amazing pvp in this game. I have played many big name mmo's, all of which made me sick... If you want to play to crush, play this game. Not the carebear WoW, GW or any of those other bastages.




    The strong are good, only the weak are wicked. ~ Napoleon

  • RBATCRBATC Member Posts: 1

    I just saw this post and wanted to say I agree with all the people who really like Shadowbane.  This was my favorite game of the 4 or so I have invested serious amounts of time to.  I started at the release and for the most part really enjoyed it.  I had a lvl 60 Irekei Assassin, a 55 irekei Fury, and a 40 Mino Warrior that were really fun.  The Assassin, named "Himself" was a blast to play.  For me the best parts of the game were:

    -The leveling process -- I am a light - moderate gamer at best and getting my characters better was not overly painful i.e. "hell levels" excessive camping and boring leveling marathons.  The focus of this game is not leveling begets better schit begets more leveling, it is player vs player combat.

    -The PvP was great even though very laggy during large seiges, but being an assassin I wasn't really needed in that situation as much as some others were.  In addition, the ability to dispatch your own justice was my favorite.  I used to love to sit hidden near the younger levleling spots waitng for a PK'r to come around near them, just to kill them and hear them talk schit back to me.

    -Also the the player made content is a fantastic idea that is really crative and to this day no game that I know of has been able to duplicate the player-run world they have in Shadowbane.  I went through a few guilds and alliances and it was fun. 

    But you may think, "If you like it so much why aren't you logged on right now?"  Here are the reasons:

    -#1 was the hacking.  This game is based on money and the economy was never stable.  The inflation due to hacking really ruined it for me.  If you were an honest player, you really had no chance against those that bought and supported those major cities with the amounts of guards that were present. 

    -The only way to survive against thoise sorts of nations or guilds was to perma-farm and that does get very old.  The amount of time necessary to complete was just not feasible to me.

    -I had a lot of lag so the seige portion of the game was all but lost to me.  Even during some small grp v grp fighting I would lag out considerably.

    Anyway, the game seems like its gettng better, after reading this thread I'm thinking of giving it another go, even though I would hate to start from scratch so far behind everyone else.  Take care though, and good luck to you all.

  • Mantar_tseMantar_tse Member Posts: 1

    Bugs or no bugs, it is hands down the best pvp out there. I have played just about every mmo out there, and there are some real good ones. But for hard core open pvp nothing compares.

  • rpgmachinerpgmachine Member UncommonPosts: 36

    My first post in 2 years omg...image

    Shadowbane is a great game with hands down best siege and open pvp. Low population is a problem, but with new lore server this should be alleviated for a while...not sure I personally like being limited in what type of character I can build to be able to join specific guild charters on lore server, but I think the other server pops may soon be too low to have any real choice about playing lore or not.

    The only thing would have to say I don't like about Shadowbane is the fact that most of the PvP comes back to the infamous "Forumbane", which consists of people bitching on forums about who zerged who and various derogatory remarks hurled back and forth. It is a shame that most of the well known guilds are utter forum warriors, because there are a lot of very good pvpers out there also.. image

    Try to get yourself into a guild as soon as possible. Solo PvP is great, but playing with teammates opens up he world of sieges to you which are awesome. Levelling in Shadowbane is pretty fast anyway, but if you are like me and don't really like grinding NPC's, being in a guild helps you to level a lot faster.

    I would definitely recommend trying the game out if you love pvp, because there is nothing that does open pvp as well as Shadowbane on the market at the moment. It does have it's bugs and lag/sync issues, but you get over that when you realise a game with true substance is underneath...just get familiar with typing "/stu" when you get stuck in objects image 

    There is a lot of fun to be had in the world of Shadowbane image

  • StanLee2StanLee2 Member Posts: 51

    Shadowbane is an amazing game. WoW might have more pre-teens playing, but SB is 10x greater.
    Ive played it off and on since the second build of beta (remember leaving the team and scooping up the gold of your dead teammates, just to say it must have been a thief? LOL).

    Anyone considering it should play. Its better than ever.

  • DarkAvatar01DarkAvatar01 Member Posts: 12
    ShadowBane is a great game. Sure it has more miles on it than other games, but if you like to "Play to Crush", ShadowBane is for you. ShadowBane is for real gamers, not for 'Fancy Lads'. image
  • UbiNaxUbiNax Member Posts: 99

    Originally posted by DarkAvatar01
    ShadowBane is a great game. Sure it has more miles on it than other games, but if you like to "Play to Crush", ShadowBane is for you. ShadowBane is for real gamers, not for 'Fancy Lads'. image

    hehe yea its great! image
  • BloodBladeBloodBlade Member Posts: 9
    I agree with the topic. Great games are not 'Perfect'. ShadowBane has had it's ups and downs. It is 'Great'image
  • jebertjebert Member Posts: 1
    Shadowbane was great. I miss it everyday and quit because of the low server populations. My quesiton is where did everyone go, please tell me cause every other game sucks right now. I am doing my best to try to get DnL to implement some real pvp before it is to late. The only other game I can think of is DarkFall but that game is so secretive it could be two years before it comes out.
  • eagle22722eagle22722 Member Posts: 10
    SB is the ONLY pvp game, when you are fighting other players you are not going to be interested in the graphics.  They dont mtter.  Its the characters that matter, how cool they look, how good/bad they play.  AND there are some really cool areas in SB like Oblivion and the Elf areas.  There the graphics are exceptional. ALSO, SB is the only game you can play a VAMPIRE character, defintely cool. That aside, the monsters SB have are way better then other games, at least on the mainland.  Takes a lot of toons to take down an R8 but cool when it happens.  Cooler yet are the mine wars where fighting other players is the best, but they dont last long.  Never been in a guild war yet, been to banes and it was a blast. In SB it is also fun to PK anywhere on mainland that you can find another player (cept safe zones.)  Now down to the problems,  SB is not Noob friendly now, it was when there were over 1000 people on each server ( 6 servers at the time).  In the beginning, there were so many toons on Noob that no one would ever be without a group to lvl in and after Noob  most any guild would give you an invite as opposed to now where the guilds dont need anyone.  TODAY there is LESS then 200 on any server, Last night there was 150 people on Mourning and maybe 200 on the Lore server.  THE POPULATION IS NOT GROWING :(.  It has been steadily decreasing for 2 years.  WHY, IMHO it is because the Dev's may have listened to the wrong playerbase for imput to make changes; the cheaters, dupers, etc have made it difficult for honest players to get ahead, the XP really is a tough thing to take when you only have a couple hours in the evening to play (now anyway since low pop=no help) therefore noob's get tired of it, the existance of Global chat has brought about a feeling of walking into a bar-room fight.  Not sure if the people on chat are angry or just people that like to instigate problems.  You cant ask a question without getting called a moron and worse.  And the filth on chat is not believable.  AND PLEASE TAKE NOTE PEOPLE 10 YEAR OLDS AND YOUNGER CAN AND DO PLAY ALL THE GAMES, EVEN SB.  As for the lag, rubberbanding, etc, ack,  some games have more, some less, so deal with it or leave.  I never had so much that I would quit the game.  SHADOWBANE NEEDS ADVERTISING AND PEOPLE.  that's it.  If they don't get it, it will die.  If you tried it and didn't like it, it is because you were not on long enough to understand and enjoy it and you chose the timeing when it is very low pop.  Everyone can enjoy SB, if it had the population.
  • RottenoakRottenoak Member Posts: 3

    I like Shadowbane pvp rules.  I don't mind the graphics.

    What I hate is the movement controls.

    The point and click sucks when combined with the 3D aspect.

    For instance.  I found myself trapped up against a hill and then had to awkwardly move the camera angle around until I was even able to click myself out of that position.

    I would love to see arrow key movement plus the point and click, exactly like GW's does it.

    I wrote the Shadowbane devs and they didn't reply to my request.

    Anyone know how to program forward/ back/ left/ right movement keys, I'd love to know.

  • bmcdee123bmcdee123 Member Posts: 8

    Agreed. Shadowbane is a great game.

  • bugzonlsdbugzonlsd Member Posts: 410
    LOL ...Shadowbane ! yea, I played that for like three months er so, it's not a bad game to play granted, I was pretty vamped about it when it came out ... then I got to play it :/ I dont see myself going back to it though.
  • konigkonig Member Posts: 4

    this game still exists? news to me.

  • bugzonlsdbugzonlsd Member Posts: 410
  • darktravestydarktravesty Member Posts: 199

    Vindication's population is above 1000, great server. I counted up the people online one night by sorting by races, heheh. Several of the lists truncated though, like Humans, so the population is indeed good there. The reason Mourning/Wrath/Redemption suck like that is because everyone from there left for Vindication.

  • MaarMaar Member Posts: 12

    stick another vote in the + collum from maar...

    Shadow bane is the greatest pvp mmorpg there is bar none ,I log on most every day for guaranteed pvp solo action and group vs group crazyness at mines often with 3-4 guild turning up with 20-30 players baying for blood .

    Not to mention banes (town sieges) where whole guilds can literaly become homeless in a few hours ,player run politics u cant beat it .

    as for the whines ill say this .

    1/ Lag,not a problem anymore i play 2 accts on 1 pc no worries                                                         

    2/ Server pops, Lore is great come see mucho action

    3/Graphics , never been a issue for me looks fine imo its all about gameplay for me .

    4/Nubes, grow a brain log on the sb forums and find a guild that way, dont be a dick stood on nube land for 3 weeks crying.

    for all u old players who played thru the lagg ridden SB.exe days of terror early on i feel for u but that isnt shadowbane anymore ,and the game and players use of the game has eveolved so much since beta and the first year live u would barely recognise it .

    anyone intrested in a real pvp based mmorpg should sighn up today no fuck that yesterday because theres nothing like reducing ur enemies towns to dust.



  • chs5138chs5138 Member Posts: 67

    A game doesn't need eye candy to be great.

    Shadowbane's problems have always stemmed from bugs which have lead to lower population

    A lot of the bugs have been fixed and works pretty well now...the problem is the population.

    Even with the bugs it is by far the best MMO I have ever bad it is a dieing game

  • arvainisarvainis Member Posts: 548
    The problem with Shadowbane is the type of gamer it attracts....low class "Ipwnuall" jerks.  It gets lame after awhile.

    "Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves." ~ Ronald Reagan

  • VagnerVagner Member UncommonPosts: 51
    well , shadowbane is a true wonder, what hurt the most was the lag the summer of 03. I have been in a few huge online game guilds and that was why they left. I still play from time to time and love/hate the game.  shadowbane like an old grilfriend we all have had, a pain to live with but oh so fun to see from time to time. 
  • oakthornnoakthornn Member UncommonPosts: 863

    I remember 7 years ago I lived and breathed waiting for shadowbane to come out.. After participating in beta and playing the game for a week,I was pretty disappointed at what I got.. Its been so long now and from time to time i check out how the game is today.. I still see the horrible looking graphics,but the content and gameplay aspects do sound appealing.. I may check it out for fun but ubi really needs to update the graphics engine or come out with a Shadowbane 2 but with some much needed and demanding changes..

    are there any plans at this time to make a Shadowbane 2 If ubi doesn't revamp the graphics engine?

    Rallithon Oakthornn
    (Retired Heirophant of the 60th season)

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