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[Review] Skyforge: Plenty of Sparks, But No Flame



  • BaitnessBaitness Member UncommonPosts: 656
    Review is spot on.  I am enjoying the combat enough to make up for the other issues, but they really do need to get fixed.  It is certainly taking the idea of lobby -> instances to an extreme, but it seems to work for it.  This game will never be as immersive as those that have a real world, but it is damned fun still.
  • ScotScot Member LegendaryPosts: 12,994

    "I can’t stand that Skyforge only gives me rewards and sparks if I finish a complete adventure or dungeon. I know, I’m lame, right?"

    Yes it is, not every MMO will cater to your lifestyle. Those of us who want harder MMO's do not expect them to all decide to go hardcore.

    Giving out different types of experience points may be a way to change how MMOs work for the better. Never played Skyforge, it may work badly there but at least they are trying new ideas.

    No trading? We went from trading markets with individual players as traders to auction houses and now no trading? That is bad. It limits interaction to the extent where you might as well call this a solo game.

    Another game with great graphics and questionable MMO design it seems.


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  • OlgarkOlgark Member UncommonPosts: 342

    I like the game but can't play it for some reason. The graphics start to flicker like mad and my HOTAS set up causes problems with the mouse. So my character runs backwards all the time while the camera spins around. Will take another look when they put in controller support so the game knows what its doing.



  • short89short89 Member UncommonPosts: 1

    I love the explanation for your score on the Gameplay. You're saying the gameplay is great, but the GAME gets boring because of the repetitive nature of the adventures.. Wait, wait, waaait, what's your longevity score for then? Tha's like saying yeah the weather effects are cool, but they don't have red dragons, so the Visuals are bad.

    Also (again with the content patch) You didn't even play long enough to play endgame-ish content (which should be rather important for an MMO - for its longevity and stuff..). But hey, it's not like you could've waited a month from (soft) release for something like the biggest part of an MMO.. Naaahhh..

    It's pretty obvious you didn't like your experience in this game, since it seems to be way too complex for you ("Woefully under-explained"). Wouldn't it be possible to let someone else (read: ANYONE else) write this review, someone who's not completely biased or played the game longer than a weekend?

    I mean you can't even get your scores straight, why should anyone trust anything in this review? 

  • ClaiesClaies Member UncommonPosts: 76
    Originally posted by AresPL

    LOL another person complaining about 3 classes, You can unlock new one at 1st day if You have enough time to play/team to go on missions with You

    First, you can't just unlock any class you wish "1st day", there are only a couple that would be reachable before hitting the weekly cap on sparks.  Secondly, having to spend 10-12 hours, or many more in some cases, grinding sparks while playing a class you don't care about in order to unlock a class that you really *want* to play is going to bore most people, no matter if they could do that "1st day" or not.

    And even if you did grind that many sparks to unlock one of the other classes before actually "playing" the game, what exactly does that leave you to do with the class you just unlocked, when it doesn't have any useful skills but you've burned through to your spark cap just trying to get it unlocked?  Are you just supposed to play the class with 2-3 skills for the rest of the week?  Or, maybe, play the class you didn't really want to play but had to level up anyway?

    Bottom line, this is a system that is designed specifically to force the people that progress the fastest to stop, but it doesn't do anything to make it so the people that progress the slowest can catch up.  I, for one, have no interest in having to play a game for 10-12 hours using a class I'm not interested in before having access to a class I am interested in.  If I don't like any of the 3 classes I have access to from the start, I'm not likely to play them anyway "hoping" the game will be more enjoyable once I unlock another class.  And what if you manage to unlock another class and it's not fun either? now you have your choice of 4 classes you don't like, because it takes at least 3 weeks worth of capped sparks before you are at the class you really are interested in?

    It's a flawed system, and if you haven't researched the game before installing it, you might not know until a few hours/days in that you have a grind ahead in the 3 base classes.

  • JhollmanJhollman Member UncommonPosts: 5
    I also got dissapointened by SkyForge, for me SkyForge is nothing but a long endless queue for instances and dungeons, boooooriiing and repetitive.
  • Lebros89Lebros89 Member UncommonPosts: 48
    Just wanted to say kudos for the title. Clever girl.
  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,357

    While i totally agree the games has a lot of sparks but no flame, i started playing yesterday and im enjoying it quite a bit (had to load failsafe on my bios to keep the pc working lol).


    One huge problem i have with the game is... Whoever thought it was a good idea (either at Obsidian or Team Allods) to not program out of combat basic attacks into the game is a brainless person and needs to seriously rethink his decision-making skills. 

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