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Thinking of joining, why not join a guild (nation) eu/uk (theres only one server)

ViprVipr Member Posts: 1

Hello everyone, I have been playing the game for like 3 days but already I am hooked, I want to get a community of players together to form a well structured nation(games terminology for guilds).

We will be on a EU based server, currently there is only one eu server so if your on it you can join.

Here is what I will provide (meta game wise) once we get a nation up and running:

- TS or equivelant server
- Website with forums, collaborative wiki and a few tools I am working on.

Here are the goals of the nation:

- City to call home
- Aim to be a trading hub of sorts, where we are on the map for our produce
- To be a community which will support the majority of play styles the game allows for.
- Group expeditions for hunting
- Group expeditions for collection
- System that provides members with the resources they need to progress toward their 
chosen craft/activity.
- What I see the nation aiming to do at release
- Strive to build one of the first player cities

Other nation information 

- Undecided on allegiance, as far as I can tell it makes little difference. 
- We will be competitive
-All we do will be fun, nothing forced on members

The most important thing to mention is : we will all be starting out new, those that want to experience the fun of starting from scratch (no pre built city or anything like that, no credit handouts, no free items).
Everything we build will be built off our own back ensuring we understand how everything we need to know works ready for release.

There are no restrictions on who can and cannot join other than some understanding of English for communication purposes and some patience while we gather a core membership for the nation.

So if your interested in helping create something totally new then let me know, as it's only me and one other at the moment every profession is going to be useful to the building of this new nation.

Post on here or message me in game, my in game name is: Vipr

I am also happy to answer any questions you might have about the game as it currently stands.

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