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Want to know more about Blade and Soul combat? [Video]

njoy420njoy420 Member UncommonPosts: 12

So i recently wrote my first impressions of Blade & Soul after playing it for 4 hours, and the combat was a huge part of that thread and HANDS down the most exciting part of Blade & Soul, so today i put together a video showing exactly what i meant with the combat. (I will link the video in the bottom of this thread) If you havent read the thread here is what i said about Blade and Soul Combat:



Im actually blown away by the combat, this is probably one of the most skillbased / complex combat i have ever seen in an MMORPG, if the combat is fun or not is everyones opinion tho!


The complexity comes from many things:


- Blocking:

Not every class has blocking but my class did and omg i love it. You are always thinking about when should you block and when you shouldnt, you are asking your self questions like "can i squeeze 1 more of these attacks and still be able to block in time before the mob/player hits me" every hit and block matter in this game. When you DO block and changes how some of your ability works, some abilities might do their animation faster or get new effects and so on. The thing that adds another layer of complexity to block is that you have abilities that BREAKS your block and STUNS you, thats the reason you have to think really hard when you block and if you really want to block.


- Combos:

The ability combos feel like fighting games like Tekken, you can think of your skills like the square triangle circle and cross on your PS controller and then combine them the same way that you would in fighting game, square square square gives you 1 combo, square triangle square gives you another combo, and thats basicly how the combat work in blade&soul, wich makes you always think what skills you want to use and what skills after that to complete a certain combo.


Reaction to other players actions:

Its amazing how much you have to change what you were about to do in a rotation because your opponent did something that you made you change your plan entirely, for example you are doing 1 skill and you are thinking that after that you will do one of your big damage skill but your opponent decides to throw his block up so you use your block breaking skill wich stuns and him and then decide to use another ability that combos with that instead of the previous big damage skill you were going to do. Or maybe you are blocking and you know that blocking an attack procs one of your other attacks and you are baiting for that but the enemy breaks your block and knocks you down so you decide to break the knockdown and use another ability instead because it combos nicely with your CC break, like the combo and blocking part this makes you always have to think in combat.


- Intensity:

So never have i had my brain going 500mph like it does when doing PVP in B&S, with all the points mentioned above you ALWAYS have to think, you CANNOT predict what you will do next, you have to adapt to what your enemy is doing every single second of the combat, wich is imho mindblowing. Not to mention your heart is pumping and your blood is flowing, wich makes the combat REALLY intense.


- Low HP factor:

How often does it happen in fighting games that you are at 10% hp and your friend is 100% hp but with awesome dodging, blocking and combos you end up winning afterall? Yeap, that happens in B&S, you can still win with a huge HP disadventage and NOT via heals like most MMORPG's, just by EXTREMLY defensive playstyle, specially with a class that can block, and thats amazing in my opinion. "



So basicly everything i just wrote is either explained again in the video via visual aid or actually showed in action! I hope you enjoy because a lot of people asked for a video! 


Thanks for reading / watching guys, and good night! :D 

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