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10th year Anniversary (for me today)

bigtime102bigtime102 Member UncommonPosts: 172

Well today's my birthday which reminded me about Guild Wars because I got this game 10 years ago today. Wow I cant believe its been 10 years already. Damn. Anyway I got some birthday money from my parents and went with my sister to the casino. I was only going to bet a little but ended up loosing it all. On our way back she kinda felt sorry for me and I was just out of it she offered to buy me a game. So i took her up on the offer stopped in at Best Buy and noticed Guild Wars. A game I normally wouldn't have bought because I wasn't a huge RPG fan, felt it was too geeky and there was picture of a girl on the front. My sis kinda laughed when she saw the box. "you want this one?" she said. I'm like YEAH, not embarrassed about it, i was kind of happy to run into that game because Ive heard about it and it was on my radar but didn't have the money or bravery to go out and get it for myself until this opportunity came along. And boy I'm happy I ever did. Favourite PC game for a long time. Ive since turned friends on it and they've even surpassed me with their fandom. I miss the PVP build vs build wars the most, and finding unique PVE builds for farming efficiently. anyway, though id share and thanks Anet for a great game, you could tell this one was made with a lot of love.

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