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SOLA a family friendly guild

Perry86Perry86 Member Posts: 58

SOLA is a group of gamers who seek to develop a community of Acceptance and Encouragement!

Our Goal is to be known as friendly and helpful members of all the games we play, including ESO. We will strive to provide clean chat channels, forums and VoIP for our members and their families.

SOLA is a Christian led guild that is active in many current MMO’s. We are looking forward to chapters starting in many upcoming games as well. We are a growing community of caring people, with a desire to enjoy the games we are playing.

While SOLA was founded by Christians, it is NOT Required for Membership. All we expect of our membership is to be respectful to others and uphold the honor of the Guild.

We have gamers of every type, young and old, hardcore and casual, PvEers, and PvPers. We work to be active in all areas of ESO and we strive to accomplish everything ESO has to offer.

The only requirement for membership is to read and agree to our code of conduct. You will need to fill out our application with a bit of information about yourself. If you have any questions, comments or ever want to meet us, come on over to

We have forums and an active Mumble voice chat system. We have members on nightly in various games, many of whom will be playing ESO with us.

Come join us in Elder Scrolls Online as we Defend the Daggerfall Covenant.

May HE Bless us All as we tell our Story for HIS Glory!

Go watch our ESO Recruitment Video then swing on by and say hi.

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