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2nd hour in really having fun.

AriesTigerAriesTiger Member UncommonPosts: 444
I'm really liking this game...which kind of surprised me lol. :)


  • ArskaaaArskaaa Member RarePosts: 1,265

    2 hour here and bored:)  dont like combat. too much mouse clicking and 3 starter class are boring. just feels so... cheesy.

    all thouse sparta style animations...

  • Darkfalz89Darkfalz89 Member UncommonPosts: 581
    Was looking at this game today since a friend of mine started playing. He mentioned it was OB, so are they doing any more wipes or is data being retained?
  • DauntisDauntis Member UncommonPosts: 600
    I was bored after the first hour. I don't mind the combat so much as the movement and controls being icky, I truly hate autopaths.

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  • cheyanecheyane Member LegendaryPosts: 7,983

    Yes me too OP I was very surprised how much I enjoyed playing this and I am still playing from the founder's access time I have been playing but mind you very slowly. You should check these guides out.




    This video for the awesome possum that Necromancer is although I think this class is way too hard for me to play well.


    This witch video which I thought was good too.

    Currently I am liking these two classes but worried about them being too hard for me image



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  • dakilla666dakilla666 Member UncommonPosts: 306

    Been playing for about 2 weeks myself (very casually), think I've put about 7~10 hours into it and thoroughly enjoying the experience. It breaks the mold just enough to keep it interesting and the combat is a lot more skill based than skill spam which is nice. 

    Just unlocked the hall of greatness features and think I will definitely be sinking more time into this game.

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  • Joejc7135Joejc7135 Member UncommonPosts: 214

    I managed to play for like a week or so. The game is basically clicker heroes but shiny. You just progress endlessly. The story is total crap and the mechanics are weak.


    I wanted to like it.


    I tried to like it.


    I just couldn't like it.


    Sorry skyforge.


    May the P2W be ever in your favor.

  • GrimulaGrimula Member UncommonPosts: 644

    NEVER have I clicked my mouse soo much in 1 game haha


    this is heaven for the Mouse clicker game Players  =) Click CLick CLick Click Click Click Click


    why cant you just Hold down the mouse button for the normall attacks ? why must we click every time we use it hahah


    gooood game for Gaining strength in your Mouse clicking finger ^_______^ hahah


    but Really the game is Pretty Interesting  =)  cant wait till august 11 to see if this Giant patch will add anything fun to the game

  • Elevenb4Elevenb4 Member UncommonPosts: 361

    Glad you are having fun. I like so much about this game, but the way the class system works killed it for me. I only ever wanted to play a gunner and/or a Berzerk and I thought I could handle the grind to get to them. But alas, I was wrong. I couldn't handle playing classes I had no desire to play in the first place, for weeks on end, just to play what I wanted in the first place. 


    If they ever open up being able to buy your first class, I would definetly come back. 

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  • AriesTigerAriesTiger Member UncommonPosts: 444
    edited September 2015
    I'm done lol. It was fun though while it lasted but I have zero reason to login anymore lol. I don't really want or need to unlock additional nodes...except for the sake of unlocking them. I'm already at whatever "end game" content there is and it's either easy street or wipe every 15 seconds. It's just not fun anymore. It was a blast to first pickup though!
  • AlbatroesAlbatroes Member LegendaryPosts: 7,670
    Just trying to figure out why people make threads like these, first hour/day whatever doesn't really mean much. You could enjoy the free experience of wow and then hate it later. Spend more time...
  • chronoss2015chronoss2015 Member UncommonPosts: 217
    ya after the first mission im stuck as you then need to group wiht up to 5 people and so far no one was available , and the two times i got people they either quit , or kicked me .....ya know a bad design is just like this....gave up ....uninstalled
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