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ElvocElvoc Member RarePosts: 471

Dear 7C players, 

The SEVENCORE team would like to thank all our players for showing interest, dedication and enthusiasm in SEVENCORE during the past few months. 

We regret to inform you that SEVENCORE is no longer available from July 28, 2015

Since the official launch, we have been working hard to build a strong community and have held various events. Unfortunately, we have come to a difficult decision to end this long journey that we have all enjoyed and cherished together. 

We understand that this will disappoint many of our players. However, we have been working on a plan to make this decision as fair as possible for SEVENCORE players:

Wcoin Reimbursement 

We are going to reimburse all Wcoin spent as bonus Wcoin between the 1st and the 23rd of June, 2015, and reimburse between 20% and 50% for purchases between the 1st of March and the 31st of May, 2015.


  • mgilbrtsnmgilbrtsn Member EpicPosts: 3,300
    I can't remember hearing about this one, but RIP.

    Concentrate on enjoying yourself, and not on why I shouldn't enjoy myself.

  • DMKanoDMKano Member LegendaryPosts: 21,147
    I always had this image of a seven piece metalcore band.
  • thunderclesthundercles Member UncommonPosts: 510
    Originally posted by DMKano
    I always had this image of a seven piece metalcore band.

    I'd play a metalcore band sim mmorpg. I'd be like guitar hero meets mortal combat. 7v7 battles and the winners get to do a "fatality" to the other band. Cash shop with fender guitars and gwar* costumes.


    *Sorry if Gwar isn't metal core. I don't really know what I'm talking about.

  • DakeruDakeru Member EpicPosts: 3,713

    lol now I almost wrote nonsense because I confused 7C with C9...

    Harbinger of Fools
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