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@ Daybreak Games, now that Smed's gone....



  • AlleinAllein Member RarePosts: 2,139

    Originally posted by Rattenmann

    No harm in playing that game you got promised then, just don't call it Everquest. On the other hand: There are plenty of games like EQN. You may have less cartoony grafics, but destructable terrain and action combat for a controller? We got that covered all over the place.

    Which games have a similar design and which are set in a similar or the same franchise as EQN?

    Simply don't do a SEQUEL to a series if you change the GENRE of said series. Check out Sacred 3 on why that pisses off people. Not everyone does all the research to make sure they don't get screwed over. If the name suggests a sequel, people usually think it is a sequel and not something totally differend with a known name attached to attract some more people by tricking them into buying.

    As was said, it isn't a sequel and if anyone blindly purchases something because of the name or doing zero effort, oh well. A fool and his money and all that. Anyone that has played EQ/EQ2/EQOA that is a "fan" and would be willing to buy something on name alone probably already knows about what EQN is or is supposed to be or would come launch date.

    Glad you want to save the morons of the world, but come on now.

    THAT is what EQN is. A completly differend genre that has NOTHING in common but the name. It is no reimagining, it is a differend game alltogether.

    What's the difference?

    They took the lore, history, geography, landmarks, monsters, NPCs, gods, classes, skills, gear, races, yadda yadda and are trying to make something "new" out of them. It is drastically different from the ground up compared to previous games, but that is the point. The previous games are not popular and relatively speaking, never have been. The EQ brand alone is not going to pay the bills for a company recently bought out and I'm assuming, trying to turn a nice profit.

    Pretty crazy people then. EQ2 was only a shadow of what EQ used to be, true. But it was still the same genre.

    Possible to argue that they did change a little too much, but it was still a RPG and not a first person hack and slash where everyone can be everything at their will, simply by clicking a button.

    EQN is still an "RPG" unless you have some super strict definition that only EQ/EQ2 fall into. Early EQ was great, POP onward, not so much for me. EQ2 was NOTHING like early EQ to me beyond the similar EQverse items I listed above. The art, game play mechanics, story, class system, etc simply was not EQ to me. EQOA was a decent game, but I didn't play it nor run out to buy it because it had EQ in the title.

    Sucks, but games like EQ/EQ2 are dinosaurs. A lot of the mechanics that people either loved or hated were used to compensate tech and what not of the time. The only reason to make a game remotely similar in play style today is to cater to a very niche crowd that is already spread thin across a few titles. Trying to lure them all in would spell the doom for the other titles and still not be pulling in the cash a for profit business would like.

    While EQN is looking to be very casual friendly, so are pretty much all big name PVE type mmos. I don't think it is going to be a simply as hit a button and a prize pops out, but grinding mindlessly for hours because the game lacks filler is most likely not something they could use as a selling point.

    You seem to have missed my point.

    I could not care any less about EQN or its name. From the moment i played Landmark i knew that i am not going to touch EQN.

    I simply HATE it if a company tries to trick people with these dirty tricks. You can deny it as much as you want, but if the game gets released there will be FLOODED boards with people that bought it because of the name and the expectations they got, simply due to the name. Not everyone has the time or even wants to research games years before they hit the market you know?

    Even worse that these dirty tricks get accepted by the community. Really sad about this. Not about the game. Ill just pass and hop around the games i like more.

    As I said above, oh well. While I don't disagree that this could happen, no matter what they make or do, people are going to complain. No game will ever be magically tailored to our individual 10000 bullet point list of ideals.

    However, if they continue to offer full refunds as they've done with Landmark/H1Z1, really shouldn't be an issue. More so if EQN remains F2P as initially planned. "OMG I paid nothing for this and it isn't what I wanted!" Pretty sure we all have the ability to uninstall.

    With all that said, I couldn't care less if EQN is a massive success or never releases. I really like the vision and initial goals of the project, but as time marches on and Landmark takes shape, really doesn't look too hot. Probably a ton more work/time left so who knows, but could turn out be what many experience for the first time as "Everquest." For those entrenched in nostalgia and what not, Project 99 is up and running. Currently EQ/EQ2, heck even the "old school" servers are not the experience I remember nor consider "Everquest." 


  • TokkenTokken Member EpicPosts: 3,305

    It's smart. Smed is taken out of the spotlight so things can came down a bit with the DDOs attacks, twitter comments, etc. When he gets back from his break He will still be at daybreak working behind the scenes with as much influence as he had before.

    Proud member since March 2004!  Make PvE GREAT Again!

  • Daffid011Daffid011 Member UncommonPosts: 7,945
    Originally posted by Tokken

    It's smart. Smed is taken out of the spotlight so things can came down a bit with the DDOs attacks, twitter comments, etc. When he gets back from his break He will still be at daybreak working behind the scenes with as much influence as he had before.

    I suspect you are very wrong.

    Smedley has been demoted and someone else is taking his position. Daybreak will create some unspecified position for Smed, maybe. I can think of two other times this has happened at SOE. Brad Mcquaid and Raph Koster.



    both were removed from their leadership roles and placed into positions that were newly created. They effectively road out their contracts in those new positions while not having any input at the company. They were mothballed.


    Smedley will get the same treatment.

  • Good_ApolloGood_Apollo Member UncommonPosts: 55
    Maybe Smed can get a job with EA, he belongs there.
  • Charlie.CheswickCharlie.Cheswick Member UncommonPosts: 469
    I heard EQN will now be a mobile game.
  • umcorianumcorian Member UncommonPosts: 519
    I'm reluctantly coming to the conclusion EQ Next is indeed vaporware... but this is one time I'd be *delighted* to be wrong. 
  • Ravenhill99Ravenhill99 Member UncommonPosts: 25
    They should just turn EQN into an adventure game for consoles to recover some money and then start building EQ3, which is what everyone wanted.
  • ste2000ste2000 Member EpicPosts: 6,194
    Smedley is not gone, he is working in the shadows.
    He just wants to avoid more DDOS attacks to its games, that's why he is hiding.
    But don't worry, he is working on making another MMO for 12 y/o kids, like any other SoE games since EQ2.

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