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PC Games N - Russ Bullock talks future plans

ThorqemadaThorqemada Member UncommonPosts: 1,282

Piranha...intends to open Oceanic servers soon, which should further decrease ping times in parts of Russia as well as vastly improve it for Australian players. They should hopefully be in place in time for the Steam release some time in autumn.
(Its rumored the Oceanic Servers could be located in Singapore)

The next big update to the game will be Phase Three, which adds scouting missions. Russ broke those down for us:

"They're a little bit different. What we've done here is the scouting missions take place on the same planet as the invasion matches. The difference is that invasions are 12v12 matches with four mechs each, scouting missions are 4v4 without reinforcements. [It's] a whole new game mode for collecting the data and intelligence and scouting out intel on the defense and attacking sides."


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