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Datamine codes and discussions

MMOExposedMMOExposed Member RarePosts: 7,317
  Weapon and armor skins
[&AgG5EAEAAA==] Ascended Longbow
[&C5kXAAA=] Longbow
[&C5oXAAA=] Staff
[&C5sXAAA=] Chronomancer shoulders
[&AgHfEAEAAA==] Ascended Shield
[&C58XAAA=] Shield
[&C6EXAAA=] Staff
[&C6IXAAA=] Engineer helmet
[&AgEFEQEAAA==] Ascended Greatsword
[&C6YXAAA=] Greatsword
[&AgEUEQEAAA==] Ascended Warhorn
[&C7EXAAA=] Warhorn
[&C6sXAAA=] Medium Shoulders
[&C7oXAAA=] Torch
[&AgFgEQEAAA==] Ascended Staff
[&AgEsEQEAAA==] Ascended “Hammer”
[&C7kXAAA=] “Hammer”

Philosophy of MMO Game Design

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