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T-minus 1 Day Till New Time Locked Servers Are Live!!!!!

Gyva02Gyva02 Member RarePosts: 499

@ PVP Server Deathtoll,

Let's get ready to rumble Norrath!!!!  



Daybreak twitter msg.


  • Adjuvant1Adjuvant1 Member RarePosts: 2,100

    Been participating in beta. It's not EQ2 2004, so don't be looking for that. It's a pretty fun compromise, though.

    Summoners will be king dps for awhile, at least until other gear-specific classes get up-to-par.

    XP is slowed down, so from your starting area, FFS or DLW, you might have to bounce back and forth to your main city to level appropriately to catch up to the quest progression levels.

    Crafters will not likely make huge profit on gear, as dungeon drops and quest rewards can often trump the stats of even mastercrafted. Skill upgrades, woodworker totems, certain furniture, containers and food/drink will likely be tradable commodities. Rares in every tier are dropping too much to have substantial value currently. I don't know if they're going to change this.

    There are no mentored 90s or 100s, so dungeon tactics and smart play are important, unless you want to spend alot of time dying. CC has a value.

    I've met alot of good people in the beta. Looking forward to a decent community.

    Summoners will remain king for some time, at least and maybe a bit past the point gear-dependent classes become equipped.

    Mitigation has been investigated. I think they found a happy medium. Tanks can handle carefully selected even-con or below heroics with a decent dps/cc group backup without heals. A group with decent heals and sufficient cc can handle even-con or below heroic encounters without a tank.

    You must be an all-access subscriber, so it's $15ish a month to play on tle. Most cash shop stuff will not be available, at least for the first couple weeks. Character slots are shared with other live servers.

    Some upper level areas may be harder than you remember, but they're doable. Upper level questlines which did not exist in vanilla reward decent upper 40s rewards with only a little effort. HQs are still HQs.

    Oh, did I mention summoners?


  • Adjuvant1Adjuvant1 Member RarePosts: 2,100
    Participants on TLE servers have voted to postpone DoF expansion 1 month. Server remains in a vanilla-like (ish?) state, with Splitpaw and Bloodline adventure packs for now.
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