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[PS4] [NA] [DC] Derp Squad recruiting!

Derp Squad is a new guild founded by friends looking to make more friends and play the game! So far our highest level is 25, however we are familiar with how to play and getting to endgame as soon as possible!

What we are looking for:

  • Friendly and mature players who have a mic (preferred not required)
  • People looking to make friends and be more than a number
  • Players planning to play and reach endgame and have a group for said content
  • Crafters and gatherers (if you want to sell thats fine not asking for free)
  • Active social people that do not belittle other players
What we plan to do when we get enough members
  • PvE AND PvP (will have groups for those in future)
  • Help leveling, making gold, teaching newer players the ropes
  • Questing if someone needs it
  • FREE bites (we already have 2 werewolf members, need vampires)
Overall I may have missed a few things, but forgive me as I am tired at them moment. If you are interested in joining a Daggerfall guild and making some friends, please friend me (friend and then message me, my privacy settings are on) on PSN
PSN Cloudshadow69 (me)
PSN Soulthief1990 (guild leader)
Don't know when I can check here again, so please use PSN if possible. Thank you and have a wonderful day!
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