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Wildstar: Be brave and adopt fair pvp

nennafirnennafir Member UncommonPosts: 313

I played Wildstar when it released and then quit due to pvp frustrations.  I will give it a go when it goes free to play, but I still have reservations.

My plea to devs is to adopt GW2/MOBA style pvp and fair no gear advantage.  I know you want to cater to your lame-brained base who somehow (a) believe themselves more skilled than the average player but (b) want an anti-handicap system that supposedly give even more of an advantage to the more skilled.

I would just say:  Look in the mirror at yourself.  Do you want fair pvp or not?  MOBAs, fighting games, spvp in GW1/2 all had fair pvp.  It can clearly work.  A gear advantage in pvp is the exact opposite of what games should have.  Have you played golf, or basically any competitive game with a handicap?  Hint:  The advantage goes to those who are LESS skilled. 

Now people maybe aren't ready for an actual fair handicap system, but for goodness sake, at least don't have a gear advantage.

What is the worst that can happen?  Well, basically, you will know that when your team wins/loses they did it on their own merit.

Posted here :D because I am not subscribed to Wildstar so can't post on their forums.

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