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Beta's are not Demo's



  • CreollinkCreollink Member Posts: 12

    Originally posted by Copeland

    Originally posted by Creollink
    "Less cumbersome graphics"...
    Copeland is pretending to know what he's talking about. Obviously, he doesn't.

    Keep trolling. Everyone that has ever beta tested knows that they use less cumbersome graphics. Have you ever even done a beta? But thanks for bumping the thread :)

    No problem, Genius.  If you'd like, I'll keep bumping this thread so that everyone will see how intelligent you are.  In fact, here's a quote of yours from another thread:

    "Um yeah everyone knows that beta graphics are not the finished product. Less polygons equals less cumbersome. Need a loan to buy a clue?"

    Um yeah, Low-poly models exist even in release versions of a game and they look pretty good when handled by TALENTED developers.  And only the dumbest game developers would use low-poly models in Beta with the expectation of replacing them with hi-poly models for the release version.  That defeats the purpose of a Beta, Genius.

    I thought you said that you never pretend to know about things of which you have no knowledge.  Apparently, you went to the clue store and all the clues had been sold out.

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