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Sweetroll Samaritans- now recruiting

Greetings! Sweetroll Samaritans are looking to expand. 

We are currently a small group of friends who play, but are looking to increase numbers for a bigger presence in Cyrodiil and more people to group up for PvE activities. We have dedicated crafters, guild bank, etc. 

no requirements, just a love for the game and a penchant for humor and sarcasm. We don't take things too seriously (it is a game, after all) but we have some rules/guidelines to ensure fairness.  We are in the process of becoming werewolves, so guild membership gets you a free bite so long as you do not intend to profit off of Hircine's Gift. 

Please, 18+. We are on the NA server and are only in Daggerfall Covenant so far but will likely expand as our numbers grow! 

Shoot Robin Yourgrave a message on Xbox Live or through the ESO mailing system if interested. 

Hail Sithis. 

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