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Some questions bout the game

rubydragon5rubydragon5 Member UncommonPosts: 683

I am still looking for a new mmorpg to play and this game caught my eye but I have some big concerns.

First would it be weird if im 30+ years old to play wizards 101? is it meant for just kids?

I got into the game like 3 years ago and the starting zone had bunch of people spamming "ITS MY BIRTHDAY GIVE ME STUFF"

I immediately logged off and never came back.

Is it the same?


also is there any good pvp in any form to be had?

laslty is it f2p friendly?


  • wyldmagikwyldmagik Non DefinableMember UncommonPosts: 484

    I love this post lol, can't wait to see some replies :D

    On another note I have no experience with 101.

  • PaigeMoonPaigeMoon LA, CAMember UncommonPosts: 7

    Hello rubydragon5,

     I'm a 50+ player for Wizard101 and have been playing since 2008.  There's a massive group of adults that player Wizard101. This group is called Wizened Wizards. .   I know there are many  many more adults players.  I'm not sure how much information I can give here but check out facebook for Wize Minions.  Wizard101 Central is also where the group is.  If you interested in Pvp,  Wizard101 Central has a very nice section, also there is Duelist . I would really check out community section of Wizard101 .

    As for myself , like I said I'm a 50+ player. I  play the game with adults and children you just have to find the right group for you.  Yes like with all MMO's your going to have some different parts of the game your not interested in.  I would check out different realms, the more perfect realms seems to be more for adults. I hope this helps some.


    Paige MoonShade

  • KatLightKatLight Cambridge, ONMember CommonPosts: 1

    There's definitely large adult community playing Wizard101. That being said, there's also a large KID population playing Wizard101, lol, which means that you'll always run in to the kids in the Free to Play central hubs who are begging for items (or girlfriends, sigh). For the most part, you can avoid that by playing on a quieter server (you can switch at will) and keeping chat bubbles off in the central hub areas.

    As for F2P friendly... yes and no. You can start off in the first few areas for free to get a feel for the game, but after that it's pay by area (or sub, of course). They DO have mechanisms both in and out of game to help you "earn" the in-game currency so that you can unlock those areas without spending any actual money, but the process can be slow. The game currency (Crowns) can be earned by watching ads in-game or playing trivia games on their site, freekigames. (I can't be the only one that thinks they didn't think that site name through very well.)  I find it easier to just spend money and buy the currency, but of course that's what they're counting on.

    Overall, it's a cute game, and once you get in to higher levels the gameplay has some surprising depth to it. There's a lot of blatant money grabbing, which can get obnoxious at times. Overall... it's worth a look. Be prepared for the unpleasantness of dealing with the occasional pushy kid and that there will be a lot of "extras" that are only available for Crowns (the in-game currency that's easier to buy than earn).

  • ChrissyTheBlesserChrissyTheBlesser KansasMember UncommonPosts: 10
    I am a 50+ player and I have been playing for over 6 years.  There are realms that don't have as many beggars in them and there are HUGE groups of adult players. We have active communities in Twitter, Facebook, Wizard101 central, Duelist (for PvP and great guides). I also play Pirate101 and I have a blast there too and with the message boards on the main game web page.  If you leave a post on the Wizard101 message boards or even read  a thread there called "Are there many older gamers playing Wizard101?  There are over 1700 replies.  There is a very active group of adults and some younglings on Twitter and we call ourselves Twizards. Just look for us under that with a hashtag or just look me up by name.  We will get you hooked right up. :D
  • greatrain576greatrain576 pittsburgh, PAMember UncommonPosts: 2
    The game is for all ages, not just kids.  The starting zone(wizard city) can be a bit straining since there are a lot of low levels playing and asking for whatever.  Once you get to the second area(krokotopia) the game begins so ease up on the strain from others since it it not necessary to team up with other to complete the first few worlds(big ben excluded).  

    With pvp in wizard101, it is a pretty good system, so long as you don't get paired with a lvl 100 while you are lvl 30, the shadow enhanced age has begun, making exalted(lvl 100) pvp difficult.  

    Other then a few things about exalted pvp, darkmoor, and morganthe's drop rate, the game i think is overall a great game.  Don't worry about this line, it will make sense later.

    And if it turns out not to be what your looking for, pirate101 is a bit more fast paced fighting and includes ship combat.  I would recommend these games to anyone who asked me, but thats just me.   
  • tuckerbairdtuckerbaird Member UncommonPosts: 1
    My husband and me play wizard101. It for everyone to play and have fun. It dont have to be a kids. Just talk nicely that all... Its very fun to play wizard101. My kids start wizard101 and they love it. I think that game is very safety for kids. As long dont share personal info..
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