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Noob questions about the TLSs

delete5230delete5230 Member EpicPosts: 6,902

I've played EQ2 way back with Echoes of Faydwer. Back then many say that was a good time to jump into the game because the original starting zones were not very good.  I can't prove it either way as I didn't play before EOF.  But for me this was a good starting point regardless.

I enjoyed EQ2 for several months, then on to the next because there was so much good variety in mmos.  I bounced around to several other mmos and returned to EQ2 periodically. This was several years ago.

Since then the game had changed so many times it was hard to keep track with expansion after expansion, and then came the F2P changes to complicate things more.......IT WAS GETTING TO THE POINT YOU NEEDED A COLLAGE DEGREE IN SOE, just to follow.  Of curse if you stayed as a hard core fan of EQ2 this was never a big deal.  But to us noobs, and I'm sure we are many, it seems the game was butchered and peaced together with lots of confusion.  Making everything hard to follow.

So here I am interested in playing a bit of nostalgia. If no cash grab greed in this version, I may make this my home :)

The SOE web site is down. Even if you click on the " official web site " link here on you come up blank, so even can't keep up with the ever changing and discouraging hassles.  So apparently it's now 

I guess this version is in bata, from what I'm reading it went live on July 7th.


Questions :

- What version or expansion did they decide to go with ?

- It seems they will be deleting character's throughout bata, so this doesn't seem very stable, or worth it to jump in now!....When do they plan on going live ?

- I could be wrong on this, but it seems they will be character wipes often.  If true, they are asking for $15 a month to bata wipe a lot ? 

- No mention of a cash shop, free to play or anything.  So much Q & A but nothing about a cash shop.  If they were honestly answering REAL questions, I'm sure this would be the first question asked !.....So what about a Cash shop ?....If there is one, I'm out and will never look at EverQuest 2 again !......The cash shop or not is THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION ?


Please don't refer to links. Daybreak, SEO, and EQ2 web sites are a mess to read. 

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