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Question about "over equipping"

RollerratRollerrat Member UncommonPosts: 200
Can you "over equip" implants or any other stuff like in Anarchy Online? By "over equipping" I mean first equipping lower quality implant(s) to your character to get higher stats to be able to equip higher quality implant(s)  and continue to do this until you will reach your goal (we called this "Laddering" in Anarchy Online). Players from Anarchy Online are familiar with this.


  • KaylettaJadeKaylettaJade Member UncommonPosts: 144
    No, there's nothing really akin to that in Repop. The strength of gear (fittings) you can wear is based on skill points, not stats, and gear in Repop gives stats, not skill points. 
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