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[XB1 EU] The Corleones

bostin53bostin53 Member Posts: 2

Hi Guys.

We are recruiting for a friendly guild, we are growing in size and have a guild bank, soon we will have a guild store and trader.

Our main aim is to share items through the bank and establish a guild store which all members will be able to buy and sell in.

In terms of the guild bank, any members seen to be contributing items to the bank will be given access to withdraw. We trust members not to abuse this power and help contribute to a win-win scenario of sharing.

We also like to form groups for both PVP and PVE. Some of us are warewolves and vampires and always willing to share free bites, as well as any other help people may need.

If you would like to join please send a message to the gamer tag: Mitchy B WFC

Also post here if you like and I will try to check it often.



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