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Midnight in the Desert w/Art Bell

DravendoreDravendore Member UncommonPosts: 80
Did any of you here at mmorpg ever listen to Art Bell in the 90's on the radio? I always thought it was entertaining and was bummed when Art decided to retire. Well, it seems after all these years he's decided to do a podcast / radio show again. This time though he's doing it all on his own with no help from big brother media. After Sirius XM completely screwed the guy over I feel obligated to help spread the word. Below is the media blitz which all the fans have started sending out. If any of you can think of ways to spread the word it would be highly appreciated.



ATTENTION #ARTBELL FANS! Wanna Take a Ride? Art is returning to broadcasting his famous nightly paranormal talk show, starting #July 20th. The new show entitled “Midnight in the Desert” will be LIVE from 9PM-Midnight Pacific, Midnight-3AM Eastern and will be streaming out #FREE over the Internet at bringing you the same great topics, same great music, Monday thru Friday.

You can also listen to Art Bell on your smartphone or tablet using the great #TuneIn Radio app. Download the FREE TuneIn Radio app and search for and follow the "Dark Matter Digital Network.” The new home for Art Bell.

If you can’t stay up to listen LIVE for FREE, you can become a Time Traveler and listen the next day or weekend. Go to, click on the "Join the Time Travelers" link, and subscribe for a low price of only $5 a month to access the past shows.

New show name, New digital station, same great Art Bell! Check out and join us for the best in overnight talk radio. Please SHARE the good news to all your followers. #ArtBell .com?
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