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[XB1] Join our Tamriel battalion

Greetings. My name is Clover. If you are on xbox 1, not in a guild/clan, and still looking for a players please keep reading. If not then please disregard this message and thank you for your time.

Our Tamriel battalion is open to recruiting new members. Come check out our guild/clan.

We are forum based with game nights, tourneys, giveaways, contests all in a friendly, fun atmosphere with someone always to team up with but we break our community into Battalions (by game) so that you're not 'lost in the crowd' but you can party up with any DGC members!

Requirements for joining: age 15+, mature minded, a working mic, and access to the forums. We do not require you to change your gamertag.

If you are interested in further information please message me:

Xb1: DGC Clover CL


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