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Atlantica Online US staff have abruptly nerfed the Battle Mage, do not play the US version as

With 1 day notice, the US staff for Atlantica Online has disabled a major skill used by the Battle Mage. This skill, Electron Force, is disabled in Raids and TBS missions. The excuses given by the GM is 1. A bug, which has existed for years, with that skill can make raids too easy; 2. too many Battle Mages are gold sellers; 3. They need to stop people from gaining too much money because the economy is too inflated. The change is supposedly temporary. Who know what the real reason is, if there even is a legitimate reason? There has been a consistent bias against battlemages from the main GM. Of course, even though players are raging about this, there is a new crisis as the current patch has now damaged access to MyHome functions. GMs are saying this will not be fixed for at least a week. So for the previous post about trying out this game.... I would say, yes it is a great game, but not as run by the US staff. Game changing bugs are more frequent, unilateral decisions are made by US staff that diverge from the game as it is in the EU, KR, Japan versions. So, if you want to try it, hopefully you can try a different version.


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