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[ps4][na]The Chamber of Commerce

We are the Chamber of Commerce

Guild Website:

If you wish to join, apply on our website, post here, or message me on PSN I am the_McGovernator! I will gladly add you to the guild. 

  • -Any age, any alliance, any race! We want everyone to be welcome!
  • - 100 members and counting
  • -Our main priority is trading, and crafting!  We pride ourselves in having a fair priced, and active guild store.
  • -Reach out and find a group! This is an MMO after all, so what better thing to use a guild for than to find a group? PVP, PVE, Dungeons, Trials, anything! 
  • -Werewolf and Vampire Bites! Finding a bite can be difficult. We have a section in the works that will make is simple for members to buy/sell their bites to other members! 


We want this guild to be as comfortable as possible, and also convenient. You don't have to worry about getting kicked out for something stupid, or going through a strict application process. 


Please check out the forum tab, since that is where all of the action is happening! Thanks for choosing The Chamber :) Happy trading!



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