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LF best healing mechanics mmorpg

LasawLasaw Member CommonPosts: 2

Hi everyone,

First sorry if my english isn't perfect, it is not my main language. 


I am looking for a game with very good healing mechanics. As well, I am also looking for a group oriented game. So far the games I liked to play healing role :

Guild Wars 1 : The best I found so far, played monk for years. Everything was great : a lot of skills to choose, multi class for self def, quick, fun and dynamic gameplay, usefull in pve as well in pvp.

Warhammer Online : The second best one, and I will be still playing it if it wasn't closed. The healing job was very good and also usefull in pvp. I miss my warrior priest so much ;)

Swtor : I didn't play it much but I liked to heal on this game. But there was only one thing that made me leave this game : the need/greed system (and also maybe that you have to pay for everything ^^).

Rift : I liked the way I was able to freely choose my build with some intersting builds, but the healing job is quite boring.

Games I didn't like to play as healing role :

FF14 : Slow and boring, few skills, you are dead without a very good tank.

Tera : Healing was fine, but grind is very bad as a healer.


That's all, until now i was playing swtor for few weeks, but the need/greed system make me rage every time. If you are also a healer and know a good game for the healer job, plz share it with me :)



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