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LF ACTIVE mmorpg

vonryan123vonryan123 Not home, MIMember UncommonPosts: 258

Looking for an active guild/clan/corp in any of the following games

 And I MEAN ACTIVE no 2-5 person groups, 10-20 peps play everyday and use voice coms vent/ts3 etc.


Games I'm looking to get into/back into

EVE (Please no goons/CFC/SMA/Test) Looking for high end pve mixed with pvp

Archage, I'm a nub

Gloria Victous, Have it dont know alot would like to know more

Perpetuum Played on and off for a few years

SWG Emu Play from time to time wouldn't mind a group to play with

ESO,kinda like it most of my time has been solo...gets boring solo

Elite Dangerous, ??? big vast place looking for others?

WoW (People that play the game not raid once a week I have never found a guild that "Enjoys" the game )

Maybe Wildstar

I either own or am willing to pay for any of the listed contact me here or via steam @ Zigzagman (look for the red devil)

I have played games for over 26 years and love to enjoy new worlds, I also have a wife and 2 soon 3 kids so real life is always a constant with me. I am looking to play some mmo's with actual people not solo all the time or join and hear "see you at (insert mx lvl)"

 So know any groups out there that fit the bill let me know



  • bound4hadesbound4hades Bolingbrook, ILMember UncommonPosts: 83
    Well our group might fit the bill. We have a gaming community that's been around for over 7 years and most of us are older. We do things together for the most part and we just enjoy being around each other. It has become a family and we add members in every game we play. We aren't huge, but when everyone is on, we have around 40. Message me for details if you like.
  • moonboundmoonbound Middle EarthMember UncommonPosts: 396

    Group based mmorpgs are paper thin my friend, you will have to deal with older mmorpgs or try the secret world atleast the soloing there is unique and fun quests are actual investigations you have to research stuff online and more. People group for dungeons and somewhat towards the end game content, here is a few trial keys for ya, if they get used let me know.


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