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New TSW Season 2 Trailer (Fanmade, but good)

PhertiasPhertias Viby JMember UncommonPosts: 51


A new fanmade trailer from some The Secret World fans. We don´t have a lot of experience making movies or voices, but we thought this ended up pretty good :D (If you come past the first 20 seconds that is!)


Please tell us what you think about it and if you liked it or not! 



  • irnbru69irnbru69 perthMember UncommonPosts: 93

    Hells yea new combat animations !!!


    =p, fun vid i think the secret world deserves better combat animations what a shame.

  • Po_ggPo_gg Twigwarren, WestfarthingMember RarePosts: 4,507

    Uniform colour doesn't matter indeed, until it's blue image

    I mean, who would cross the Bridge of Death must answer the three questions, "ere the other side he see", and for the favourite colour there's only one good answer...


    It's a nice video OP, I'd add an another one as a summary of the journey so far:  (also a fan-made, from the official videos plus some gameplay ones. Found it on the official forum, really like the mood of it...)


    Plus, just to get ahead of Suzie ( image ) there's the recent letter, the 3years Anniversary starts tomorrow, with the usual world bosses rampage and some new items to collect:

    edit: a bit off, but the Conan letter is up as well, with plenty of mention Cetriss... maybe just a trick :)

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