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TheLaughnCoffin [PS4 NA EP] PVE and PVP

Loki617Loki617 Member Posts: 1
Are you looking for a laid back guild to hang out with during guild dungeon night or PVP night? Looking for a guild that has structure but not min/maxers telling you you need to play x race with y class? Then we are the place you looking for. We are a small guild of good friends looking to bring more friends into the fold. We are all adults who like to joke, drink ,and have a good time all while trying to further our characters. We have members who are fathers/mothers and we know that the most important rule is real life and family come first. We do have a few simple rules to the guild but i will let people who are interested know those. We have planned nights to do Dungeon runs and Night for guild PVP. Raffles are in the mix to help keeping guild merchant in play. We are not going to make people jump on a site and fill out a massive "about me" page. We believe we would rather get to know you in person. IF anyone is interested please send me a in message on PSN Loki-617 or to Death_god_81. And remember everyone have fun.... its a game.
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