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Heart of Thorns Dungeons?

EaglechiefEaglechief Member UncommonPosts: 13
Hello all! I played gw2 for a bit after it came out but then stopped playing due to just how terrible just doing the dungeons are with people(in a guild that does their own thing w/e that might be). My question is, are they removing dungeons in this expansion and just putting in raids, or did they have a whole new idea for gear progression all together that does not need dungeons for some of the good gear? I have looked but ha e not really been able to find much to do in general about some that kinda stuff, I am hoping someone that might be more up to date on gw2 xpack(or have played the beta) might be able to help. Dungeons are what turned me off on gw2 and as of late been thinking about coming back as I had heard rumors of them removing them all together. Thank you so much!


  • exile01exile01 Member RarePosts: 1,089

    Double hp endbosses- thats what raiding is called nowdays in GW2.

  • Tracho12Tracho12 Member UncommonPosts: 136
    We have no idea.

    The assumption is no dungeons, stronger open world bosses, and no new gear progression. But if you've been following the general complaints about HoT, its mainly that they won't tell us what's in it and this is an example of that.
  • L0C0ManL0C0Man Member UncommonPosts: 1,065

    The short answer is... we don't know.

    The longer answer:

    Doesn't seem that there will be new dungeons added to HoT so far, but they did promise that they will add "challenging group content", and before HoT was even announced they were hiring a raid designer, so while there's really nothing concrete, there's speculation of raid-like activities coming.

    Also, it seems that there are no new gear progression planned, ascended gear will still be the top tier, and legendary gear will be its equivalent in stats but with the ability to switch stat distribution and flashier effects. The change is that there will be an alternate (probably easier) way to get the precursor to craft legendary weapons, right now you need to be incredibly lucky on the mystic forge or with a world drop, or just buy it for hundreds (or thousands) of gold in the trading post.

    Also there's no word whether ascended gear (the top tier gear for the foreseeable future, it seems) will be made easier to get, currently the only way to get it is to craft it after a huge grind (or paying lots of gold) for the tons of materials needed, or get incredibly lucky on the places where they can drop (jumping puzzles, from some world bosses).

    So that's about it when it comes to gear progression. No new levels, no new gear progression in the expansion as far as we know.

    To clear a little misconception you have there, though. You said "did they have a whole new idea for gear progression all together that does not need dungeons for some of the good gear"... thing is, you've never needed dungeons at all to get any of the good gear.

    Each dungeon has an full armor set you can buy with tokens for each armor class (light, medium, heavy), each armor in three different stat distributions, and they're exotic level armor, but because of the way armor works in GW2, the only difference between exotic armor you can get from dungeons and exotic armor you could get (sometimes even for cheaper and/or easier) from the trading post, crafting, karma vendor in the orr temples or with WvW badges is on the skins, nothing more. Actually, lots of people just purchase them just to unlock the skin, apply the skin to their own armor and then destroy the one they bought (exotic dungeon armor can't be salvaged or sold).


    What can men do against such reckless hate?

  • observerobserver Member RarePosts: 3,685
    There isn't going to be new dungeons.  They've already revealed all the major features, and dungeons would've definitely been included to generate more hype.
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