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Trove: Your Own Corner(stone) of the World

SBFordSBFord Former Associate EditorMember LegendaryPosts: 33,126

The Trove team has put up a new developer diary to let players know about the new Cornerstone feature. Each player gets a personal 16 x 16 home base that can be customized at will. Players are given a Class Changer, a Rejuvenation Station and an Adventurer's Crafting Bench as starter gifts from the team.

Moving a Cornerstone is easy. Walk up to the sign post of any unclaimed plot, press the E key, and your blocky abode will be summoned right to you! There’s no cooldown on claiming a cornerstone, so feel free to put down roots wherever the spirit of adventure takes you. When you claim a new Cornerstone, your previous plot will be available for someone else to make their own.

Find out more details on the Trove site.




  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Member RarePosts: 14,247
    Originally posted by DMKano
    So weird go read about a basic feature thats been around since alpha 0.0.5 (Dec of 2013). I guess for new player and all... heh

    That's a good sign. All too often developers get focused on selling the latest and greatest, while completely forgetting that new players aren't even familiar with core gameplay. The team seems to be very in touch with its target audience.



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  • Righteous_RockRighteous_Rock Member RarePosts: 1,234
    Also if you're new... This game is like super Mario 64 meets minecraft meets mmorpg. I know on the surface it looks silly but it's an explorers paradise and there are neat new challenges around every corner.
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