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Geeks of Nexus returns!

DraycassDraycass Member CommonPosts: 3

Hey there Cupcakes

Good News! Geeks of Nexus has returned!! 

The first new episode will be going out today!!

Geeks of Nexus is a weekly show, hosted by myself (Draycass), with guests, it can be downloaded on iTunes, Stitcher and Podkicker or your favourite podcast app. A videocast of the show will also be available on YouTube!

Each week we will have a banter about general Wildstar News, a random weekly topic to focus on including PvP, PvE, lore etc we also have an Epic intro, and great segment bumpers provided by the one and only Sparky! 

To wet your appetite I have put up our old lore segments on the podcast feed and on youtube (Where you can also find the old shows). The lore segment will continue as a feature on the podcasts (just like the old days) - catch up and subscribe now :

iTunes Us:


You can also search for us on your favourite podcasting app.

I have also put the lore segments up on our yourtube channel - OfficialEpicGeeks

See you all in Nexus!


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