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Cheap character transfers for a limited time.

They just announced that starting tomorrow (June 23rd) the price for character transfers will be reduced by 90% for the next coming weeks, for those who want to switch servers.

I figured I'd share the news here, since I've seen people complain about the costly server transfers in the past. So if you find yourself in that group that was looking to hop to a different server, now's your chance.

Character Transfers – Get Together With Your Friends


Last week we announced our next Digital Expansion: Knights of the Fallen Empire. Since announcing, we have seen a lot of players coming back and getting into The Old Republic. Whether you are a new player, an old subscriber coming back, or a player who has been around a while, you may have been looking for an opportunity to move to a new server. Maybe your friends transferred servers in the past or you’re just trying to find a new Fleet to call home.

In honor of our Fallen Empire announcement, we wanted to make it a bit easier for you to play on the server you want to. Starting tomorrow, Tuesday June 23rd, all character transfers will be discounted by over 90%, for a limited time. Each character transfer will only cost 90 Cartel Coins each. This promotion will run for a while, and we will make sure to give you a couple weeks of notice before the price goes back to normal.

In order to initiate a character transfer:

  • Login and then visit:
  • Ensure you character meets the requirements listed
  • Click “Start a character transfer”
  • Select the server where the character you wish to transfer is located
  • Click “Choose a character from source server”
  • Select the character you wish to transfer
  • Select the server you wish to transfer that character to
  • Click “Next”
  • On this screen, you can confirm that the character is eligible
  • Click “Start transfer”
  • Enjoy your new server

Thanks everyone!

Community Manager

My SWTOR referral link for those wanting to give the game a try. (Newbies get a welcome package while returning players get a few account upgrades to help with their preferred status.)


  • GMan33GMan33 Member UncommonPosts: 79
    That is good news. I got couple buddies and we just got back into after quitting after launch time, so this will greatly help to get us all on same server
  • RemyVorenderRemyVorender Member RarePosts: 3,973
    Boy am I glad I waited a week to move my Tank over to Ebon Hawke! Thanks for posting this. :)

    Joined - July 2004

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