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Only scratched the surface...



  • Atis-nobAtis-nob Member UncommonPosts: 98
    Originally posted by makasouleater69
    I am personally done with this garbage kick starter thing. All the games I tried are garbage from kick starter.infamous hero a copy of heroes quest sucked bad compared to sierras original. Shourd s of avatar is about as bad as you can get, with outrageous house prices, lag and no sight when it is ever gonna be finished. Elite and dangerous was alittle better than both of the others I mentioned, but still terrible compared to games already out. Divinity original sin was my last. Compared to baulders gate,nwn, nwn 2, elder scrolls it was garbage. It seems to me these games are just a endless pit with out coming out with anything good. But hey you want to pay 10k for a house in a video game what ever.

    There were some decent kickstarted games, thats pretty good outcome, considering low budgets. Nobody promised masterpieces, solid games is good enough. In case of MMORPG games are either crap, clone of something, dead classics or WoW. Good niche MMORPG would be very welcomed and we didnt see fully released kickstarted MMORPG yet, too early to judge. Kickstarted became a thing only few years ago, nobody had enough time to complete full fledged MMORPG.

    You are burned with waiting and hype, lower your expectation a bit, you cant come to industry producing trash 95% of the time and demand that part of that industry (underfunded indi developers) suddenly start produce top class products on every try. Baldur's gate was one of best RPG games in history, you cant have something on par every year.

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