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Updated Freebies on Second Life (MEEEESH and NONMESSH) :D

Anyone knows where to get a good quality mesh or non mesh items on second life? like landscape pack?, hairs, clothes or anything that is FREE! :) i am new on SL and i am loving it, i just hate the "linden issue" (money) lol coz dont know where to get one. I already have friendssss inworld and saying that i can be dj, model or sell land, but im on sl to enjoy not to be stressed at finding work. Duh!! :) so anyone can help? Thanks!! :) Loving Free - Missjen


  • JaneEJaneE Member Posts: 3

    Hi Missjen, you can try searching from the Marketplace. Just search for the stuff you like then filter the price to 0L. 


    Also, there is a place called "Freebie Galaxy", all the free items you can get. Use the search option on your viewer > places tab. Or you can use the map, just type in IBIZA, that is their shop's sim name.


    For landscaping items check out rentals from Anshe Chung sims.

  • MissjeniferClaveriaMissjeniferClaveria Member Posts: 4
    Thank you Jane with E :) I will try that, i heard many many many good reviews about Anshe Chung especially her sub estates Lorena Chung, my friend is renting with her atm and i like to have one soon. Till Then, be well :) 
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