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Witcher 3 Builds: A Guide for the Whole Game

LoganKaiLoganKai Member UncommonPosts: 16

Signs are OP! Igni is OP! Alchemy is OP!

The thing is, not every build is viable at every level.  Not only that, not every build is viable on every difficutly.

Anyone looking for an OP build at anything less than max level or endgame, just match your skills to the best set of witcher gear you have.

Griffin Gear is made for magic users, so a magic build is strongest once you have it.  

-Igni/Quen dominates, even on Death March.

Cat gear is for fast, nimble attackers with crits and bleeds.

-Fast Attack/Fleet Footed/and maybe Resolve

Bear is best for strong attackers and synergizes well with alchemy.

-Search reddit for an alchemy guide, I'm not here yet in my game.

As the game progresses you gain access to each set and can upgrade the old if you find you like that play style the best.  I advise swicthing to each as you get them rather than upgrading, and finding how you like to play.  Or just switching when one play style gets boring.  

Dont forget your armor skill bonus.  It's worth the slot.  

Last bit of advice:  Remeber as you are leveling up that you have only a few skill slots and without them slotted, they dont affect you.  Having three skill slots and spreading your skill points across fours skills is a waste.


EDIT:  Wow, completely forgot about mutagens.  You get a ton of blue early game, hinthint use more signs hinthint.  



-Dont care what anyone says, Sun and Stars is useless.



  • YoofaloofYoofaloof Member UncommonPosts: 192
    I'd like some inventory tips please...running, well walking actually at 249 / 90 at the moment. What to sell/keep that sort of thing? As in life - don't like throwing anything out.
  • LoganKaiLoganKai Member UncommonPosts: 16

    Well as you level you can buy inventory expansions so that will help a bit.  

    I find meat is really heavy, skins, especially pig skins, are heavy so dismantle if you need mats or sell them.  Save all witcher gear to upgrade later if you want. 

    Drop swords/armor looted from bandits.  They sell for crap from most (sell very well in towns) vendors and weigh insane amounts.  I find these are the heaviest things you carry.  Generally if you need money, collecct some mastercrafted/relic gear and sell them to blacksmiths/armorsmiths in town.  Otherwise dont even pick them up, waste of space.


    Edit: should also add that dismantalling turn everything into crafting items.  Most crafting items have a weight of 0.01 per item.  Once you have a stack of 20-50 (half a pound/kilo/whatever they use in witcher land) you can sell the rest.  

    Edit 2:Oh and you can still move just as fast on Roach, so when overburdened, call the horsie and ride to the nearest fasttravel point and head to town to sell.

  • YashaXYashaX Member RarePosts: 2,059
    Depending on the enemy Axii will let you take out groups really easily. Charm one enemy and the rest will all focus on it, you can just keep doing that until everything is dead. Seems to work particularly well on humans.
  • AkulasAkulas Member UncommonPosts: 2,120
    When you get higher level you don't really have to dodge anything just stand there and attack and use ignis every now and then. You can drop stuff on the ground and pick it up later.

    This isn't a signature, you just think it is.

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