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Voxelnauts - VR Sandbox MMO with user generated content and crunchy voxels

Rooster128Rooster128 Member Posts: 6

Man, I feel like I just used the game idea generator

Jokes aside, Voxelnauts is a game being made by RetroRonin, inspired in part by Minecraft- but its aims are much greater than that of Minecraft. It's a voxel-based sandbox MMO with some crazy ideas.

Any player can own a planet- and on that planet, they have full control over the mechanics, the quests, the items- everything. It's not a particularly novel idea, but its an idea that ramps up replayability tenfold. If you played Neverwinter Nights online or if the idea of Shards makes you salivate- Voxelnauts is likely right up your alley.

Check the game out. Pledge. This game needs to be made.

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