A moderators review of Homophobic Tribal Wars plays and staff

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I use to work for Innogames as a moderator for their forums. When the administrator's friends started sexually harassing me because I was gay, I complained and got fired. Then for the next seven years their administrators and players stalked me and my daughter with threats of death and rape. I have had thousands of threats to this date and they still go on. Threats like how they will first kill me and rape my dead body or how they will rape my daughter as I am forced to watch bleeding to death.


You can see a few of these threats here-



And the police report and reports to the fbi on my main blog-





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    I've no doubt the mods here will delete or lock this, but yep, people keep saying there's no sexual harrassment in the gaming community and it's all in the heads of those who are "pretending to be a victim".

    Homophobia and  misogyny runs rampant in the gaming industry, that's no secret but it -is- usually ignored.

    Hope these idiots get what's coming to them. No, it's not funny to threaten someone's daughter with rape people. It's not a cool bro moment. It's not cool to threaten them with death for their sexuality.

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    Wait, no homophobia or misogny in gaming?   LOL, it is rampant.  I dare anyone to claim the opposite with a straight face. 
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    It's only "rampant" if you bloody go looking for it.

    I've been called a 'faggot nigger' so many times those words mean little.

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    Originally posted by justinsalesart
    It's only "rampant" if you bloody go looking for it. I've been called a 'faggot nigger' so many times those words mean little.


    You realize you just put your own foot in your mouth, right? 


    Just because the words have no meaning to you doesn't make them any less malicious in intent. If it's been "so many times" then obviously such things are rampant.

    Sadly, people act like wanting to improve humanity and increase empathy/compassion/education is somehow a weakness rather than a strength.

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    Why hasn't this been deleted?

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