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webzen's latest announcement for MU global

kakashi59kakashi59 Member Posts: 17

Has anybody else seen the new changes that have come around for MU Global?

i.e, the class change when you get to level 150, the +11, +13 items, atlans, tarkan and icarus new maps.

BE WARNED - I am now going to complain like a beast image

first of all... WTF?!?!?!!?!? I know NOBODY who has even GOTTEN to level 150 on MU global. Who has the TIME to GET to level 150 on global?!?!?!?! I have no idea! Whoever HAS, but have been playing it for years, or must have NO IDEA of the MULTITUDES of OTHER, MAGNIFICENT GAMES that their time could be better spent on! Half-Life 2, Far Cry, Diablo 2, Divine Divinity... I'm not even level 40 on MU global and when I left I was bored to tears of it. The only thing that kept me going was the companionship of my friends, who, by that time, had stopped playing as well.

The same thing applies to the absurdly high levels you have to be to get into the new maps that are on MU global. To get into Atlans is what? Level 70?!?

And it's purely ridiculous that anybody on MU global could have enough souls and blesses and chaos to make a +11 item. When I left Mu online, I didn't even have a single Chaos gem. I don't know of anybody, ANYBODY, who has an item greater than +6. None of the high-level characters I've seen have had anything better than +5 items.

ANd then, if you go onto the website and look at the "story" of MUonline, as told by the MMs. I don't think I have seen anything worse-written than that. True, the "MMs" might be Korean and not have very good English, but surely Webzen have enough money to hire somebody to make these "stories" the least bit engaging?  Something like that shouldn't matter, true, but apparently Mu online has 56 million users, and since a good percentage of those users are going to be reading these "stories", shouldn't Webzen have put some effort into making them??

The whole thing defies conception. And when you see the pictures of these MMs, with their shining GOLDEN armour (+9, is it?) I have to wonder how they even managed to get it. Surely they can't have earned it themselves, when even players with characters level 100+ that I've talked to have said that they had found at most 4 or 5 souls and blesses altogether in their entire playing time?

I know I'm probably being unfair about some of the things in this scathing post, but I don't understand these things. Why would Webzen advertise something attainable only by about 0.5% of the MU population?

I think that they are completely and hopelessly out of touch with their players. They don't check on their own forums. They don't reply to angry e-mails. They don't give any effort to stopping hackers. They don't care, they just don't care. I hope that their upcoming SUN is paid a lot more attention than this sorry affair.

(How the heck did it get so popular anyway?)


  • el_rafael_rafa Member Posts: 31


    How much time did you spend playing this game?




    BTW: I know a lot of people of 150+ lvl´s... and yes it´s hard to get it!





  • kakashi59kakashi59 Member Posts: 17

    lol i know, pretty unreasonable aren't I? image

    about three months, then I stopped. I couldn't play very often so I doubt that I could've gotten to a point where I could even enter lost tower :P

    How about you?

  • el_rafael_rafa Member Posts: 31

    I´m DW lvl 68 now... need 12 lvl´s more to enter Lost Tower...


    I played this game like 8 months... it´s pretty hard to lvl up quick, but if you find the right party you can have 3 or 4 lvl´s more in 2 hours!!!

    The problem is when you are 150+... Lvling up is suffering

    NOW ABOUT THE JEWELLS, I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU. I saw my first Chaos in lvl 57, but since then I get them in regular basis.

    I think a big problem in this game is that a lot of guys are selling in real money ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$) jewells and exclusive items... They keep all the jewells for themselves... and that´s where the fun leaves and the greed comes.





  • SithosSithos Member UncommonPosts: 313

    Most of the high end sets that are +11+16+Luck etc are dupes.A long while back before Webzen actually cared a certain guild had a person who had a dupe program for jewels/items. They would go buy (or get as a drop) a +x+12+Luck(Skill) item and soul/bless/dupe it till they had the best of the best. That item was then duped a bunch of times and much of the very high end stuff is from that.They were for almost 4-5 days giving out top of the line sets for free till Webzen banned the majority of them.

    So next time your in the market for that +11+16+Whatever item be careful as I've heard from a few different players and from the message boards that now a duped item can possibly corrupt your character making it unplayable due to the instalation of item coding.

  • dopefish18dopefish18 Member Posts: 163

    well ive got my first chaos on MU online back in my lvl 35...and i agreed that when u got lvl 150 or higher its hard to get high experience..but its ok, the game id great...i love it

    dont u dare start playing MMORPG unless u want to be hooked

  • StJimStJim Member Posts: 26
    I got my first chaos like in lvl 26. it was in a party
  • kakashi59kakashi59 Member Posts: 17
    I think 20-50 is too broad a category, as I got mine at about level 40 image
  • StJimStJim Member Posts: 26
    Idea of question was if you got it lucky as a complete noob which is nearly impossible, as a medium player or only then when getting pro but ok.
  • kakashi59kakashi59 Member Posts: 17

    i know, i know, i was just being a git -_-

  • kakashi59kakashi59 Member Posts: 17
    actually i wouldnt mind trying this server. what's the address?
  • Okami_aeOkami_ae Member Posts: 61
    Ive seen MG lvl 213 on Mu Global, do you know what that meens? Some kid made a char lvl 180 then started a new one and lvl him up to lvl 213
  • swiftanswiftan Member Posts: 29

    i am a lvl 200 BK.. used to play in an illegal way.. ::::14::

    But its true, lots of dupes still going on through an underground method.. so any +11 and above items.. do not buy them unless its truly a clean one.

    @Fess .. ehehe MG.. but the actual topic is refering about the class change.. AFAIK , MG have no class change.

  • AlcananAlcanan Member UncommonPosts: 268
    I played MU for 5 months and got my DK up to 58 lvl. It was an interesting Idea but it was way to hard to get equiptment and the economy was horrible. Whats the point of Zen in this game please tell me since nobody used it for currency...In all my time playing on 2 different characters I found a grand total of 2 choas.. thats it.....Oh well I left the game becouse I couldn't acquire items that where necessary to level up further....


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  • awesomoawesomo Member Posts: 31

    And it's purely ridiculous that anybody on MU global could have enough souls and blesses and chaos to make a +11 item. When I left Mu online, I didn't even have a single Chaos gem. I don't know of anybody, ANYBODY, who has an item greater than +6. None of the high-level characters I've seen have had anything better than +5 items.

    This is true. Nobody but dupers can find enough bless to do there armors + 7 or something. The bless drop is just to rare. But u ain't right that u can't lvl anymore when ur lvl 40. I played global once and I got to lvl 75 with realy bad items. But now everything is cheaper so its easyer te level up.

    But if you wanna play a real good mu, u should play mu phillipines. In this mu i got to lvl 75 in a week.

    All settings are perfect on this server. But then again I was playing in Christmas time and there was a exp bonus and firecrackers drop so that made it easyer to. That time was just the best mu Gaming experience I ever had, everyone was happy, because of christmas and all, it was just perfect.

    btw for people who wanna play mu phillipines    there's a trial for a day or something. But after that its paying, but if you got the money I think its realy worth it.


  • inchigaisinchigais Member Posts: 66

    I have lvl 70 and im going to Atlans when I lvl up (with Party offcourse)
    And i have found 1Soul and 7Chaos
    But if your boored of long lvl uping and NON SHINY items just find a private server
    I have one server but im not going to POST its Web adress cuz then i get BAN

  • dog2006dog2006 Member Posts: 5

    lol stop being a noob. The highest lvl ppl u've seen are noobs too, wif only +5 or +6 items. I am only lvl 40 and i already have a gauntlets+8+12 def. By the way, if you didn't noe, u can drop the ring of warrior at lvl 40 and get a real good item. Also, if you are getting bored of the game, go join a guild or something. The guild master usually gives u like lots of money. My guild master gave me 10m when i joined the guild. I played it for so long and i am never tired of it. And i noe there are games like CS: condition zero and half life and all that, but MU is worth your time too. Truthfully speaking, it is more of a long term dun play it if you noe u only have like 2 months or something to play!::::20::

  • SnowGhostSnowGhost Member Posts: 24

    Omg. There is LOADS of people that have MGs (Lvl 220+) and you don't know any of them?

    How long have you played this game?

    Check out

  • RibikeRibike Member Posts: 5

    A don't realy understand pl who play in global mu. On other servers u can get to lvl 350 in 1 day !!! And lot more items, events. It is just suffering to play global. On other servers the fun begins when u have about 10k of all stats !!

  • MUglobalMUglobal Member Posts: 8
    those who have high lvl MG's usually have been playing for a couple years now. yes its actually that good of a game lol. i personally have been playin this game for about 3 years now.
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