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Borderlands - How Twitchy? And Old People Screwing

MightyUncleanMightyUnclean Member EpicPosts: 3,531

My friend Jason is like me:  old and slow and uncoordinated.  Watching him try to play a FPS is like watching old people screw.  He recently bought Destiny, and it was a disaster.  However, he loves the Borderlands series and seems to have no problem playing them.  This gives me some hope.

So, exactly how twitchy is Borderlands?  Can a slow, uncoordinated man like me succeed in it?

Thanks for any info!


  • HothloveHothlove Member UncommonPosts: 126

    I played bl1 and it sucked. The sniper rifle doesn't move so aiming is very easy and I thought it was a very bland world. Mobs where just the same all the time and everything looked the same. 

    You should tryout Farcry 3 instead or Farcry 4 . Atleast Farcry 1 never sucked so much that I would never play a sequel.


    If your friend bought destiny your playing on consoles. Controllers and fps is harder than mice and keyboard. And if your playing fps on console watchout for battlefield 3 I think it's gonna be a big hit on the ps4.

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